Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Does anyone smell burnt fur?

Well this week we’ve gone beyond the living nightmare of Ground Hog’s day. I’ve moved on to ‘Living Hell’ week. I think if you try hard enough, you can smell my fur getting singed. I won’t whine too much, just enough to say that if work doesn’t improve soon, I’m going back down my gopher hole permanently and you won’t see me for AT LEAST six more weeks.

On a happier note, Pink Poker Night seemed to go over well. It was loud and a little confusing, but that’s kind of how it is when you get that many females in one room all talking. I had a ‘Gambler’s Gift Bag’ for all my guests. They got hot pink feather boas, black visors, girly playing cards, a mixed CD of gambling songs and a $170 in Pink Chocolate Poker chips. You should see my house. I’m still finding pink feathers. Boas shed like crazy! I tried wearing mine during the party, but I about caught myself on fire trying to lean in and get something out of the oven. Who knew they could be a health hazard?

In addition to poker, we tried out my Hottie Bingo board game. I actually think that went over better than poker. There was so much drooling over the hotties (Brad Pitt, Matt McConahunk, Johnny Depp….) I was really glad I had thought to laminate the boards.

Sunday was kind of a family day for us. My brother tried to teach me how to play chess. I won, but only because he wouldn’t let me make any stupid moves. (I made a lot.) He’d make me go back and then talk me through my options. Funny thing is; I had several guy friends try to teach me when I was in school, and it never made any sense to me. But this time, it did. My goal now is to practice until I know what I’m doing. Then I’m going to go back and whoop his butt. Well, at least that’s the plan. We’ll see how well I execute it. Until then, I’ve just got to find myself a Check – Mate (You know, a mate to play chess with? Sorry, really bad pun. I blame my father.)

Now, back to the brimstone,


chubby-girl said...

It was a ton of fun! I left my cd there though. ;o( No Gamblers mix for me. Hope Jack didn't eat any of our feathers. Oh, and glad to know it was your groundhog fur getting singed. I thought maybe something happened to Jack.

April Erwin said...

Oh no! I'll find your copy and get it to you. Wouldn't want you to miss out on the Gambler's mix. I really racked my brain to think of enough songs. :) So far, I don't think Jack has eaten any of the feathers, but he has chewed on a few. He walks into the living room and one will be dangling from his nose. It looks pretty hysterical. He gets this perturbed look on his face, like he's really annoyed that he can't get it off.