Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday again...

Friday night kicked off with dinner out with Lindz. We were all watered up for a new Indian restaurant, but it wasn’t open yet. By the time we realized that though, all the other restaurants had an hour wait, so we ended up eating Fazoli’s in the car. WHOO HOO! (Sorry, sarcasm is something I have in spades today.) Lindz made it fun though, so I won’t complain too much. (Except to say they totally screwed up my order…)

After dinner, I went with my sisters and nephews to see “The Ringer” with Johnny Knoxville. Now, this was not a movie I especially wanted to see, but Ben did. So I went anyway. And, surprise, surprise, I liked it. REALLY liked it. It was funny. I was afraid it was be totally moronic and offensive to Mentally Challenged individuals, but I don’t think it was. At least in my opinion, it was handled really well. Johnny’s even kind of cute.

Saturday was Angela’s birthday. (Happy birthday, SUPAH-STAH!) It was a girl’s only day out. We hit Joe’s Crab Shack (I hate seafood, so I ate salad. Probably just as well. But I had to watch everyone else crack legs, peel shrimp and disembowel their food. NOT pretty!) It was worth it in the end though, because they made Angela do a cheer for herself, pom-poms and all, in front of the whole restaurant. It was pretty funny. After lunch we watched “Tristan and Isolde”. VERY good movie. It is sad, but soooo romantic. Plus James Franco looks pretty hot. :) I like sad movies though, so I’ll probably end up adding that one to my collection. I think I’m the only one in our group that likes movies that make you cry.

The weeks already off with a BANG, it’s so totally a Monday. Four more days until the weekend….

Counting the minutes,

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chubby-girl said...

I'm bummed that I missed it too! I would have been right there eating the salad with ya! I wanted to see that movie too! ;o(