Friday, January 27, 2006

Tongue Tanglers & Bass Ackward

Today has been a tongue-tangling, word-twisting, trip-over-simple words day. No one here at work can speak right. It started with Angel. She was trying to tell me about our Nephew’s wrestling match. She called it a wrestling ‘tourmanent’. I laughed. Silly me. Ten minutes later I told her I had eaten a ‘Smoot Froothie’ at Sonic. Later I told my office mate that Dakota Fanning was one of the ‘Toppest’ Grossing actresses last year.

But in my defense, I’m not the only one turning words around. Another office mate (Who has begged to be Mo or less nameless.) was telling me how much she liked ‘Fried Dickles’. She meant Fried Dill Pickles, but honestly, isn’t Fried Dickles much more creative and fun? I think it’s going to be my new word for the day. Fried Dickles.

Speaking of ‘word of the day’, my office mate has used his so often, that now I’m using it. Whenever he completes a project or is ready to start a new one, he looks around and says, ‘OKAY.’ Usually I just tune him out ‘cuz guaranteed I hear it at least twenty times a day. But for some reason, today I can’t and I keep asking him. “HUH?” Which then throws him off kilter, cuz he doesn’t even realize he’s saying it. To top it off, all day long I’ve had this chipper little cheerleader voice in my head chanting, “Ready! OKAY!”
Thank goodness it’s finally Friday. I think all our tongues need a break.

I think I’ll go eat some Fried Dickles.


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