Monday, January 30, 2006

Music Tolerance

I’ve discovered that my musical tolerance apparently does have boundaries.

I’ve always had what I prefer to call ‘eclectic’ taste in music. It’s hard to find music I can’t enjoy. From Perry Como to ABBA, the Bee Gee’s to Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion to Diana Ross. Pretty much any genre, any era is acceptable. I’m not a huge fan of acid rock or hip hop and rap. But, I can tolerate them.

However, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve discovered two artists I can’t handle listening to - Earth, Wind & Fire and Cat Stevens. Now, before you flip out and start posting lengthy comments extolling the greatness of these artists, let me say that I realize I am probably in the minority here.

Both artists are legends in and of their own right, and have had tons of mega hits. Just the fact that they are still well known names 30 some odd years after their peak says a lot for the longevity of their music. I am NOT disputing their star power.

I am saying that they find my last nerve and boogie all over it. Cat Stevens is aptly named. In my opinion the man can’t sing. He can however write great songs. And in support of this statement, I find it very apropos that all of the songs he wrote that became big hits are better known by the remake version song by a different artist.

Earth, Wind & Fire are very groovy, they can do funky disco with the best of them. Here my biggest problem is that, in general I’m not big on this genre. But where as I LOVE the Bee Gee’s soprano voices and disco stylings, EW&F make me cringe.

So I guess I’m not quite as tolerant as I thought I was. My apologies to those of you, who are now deeply offended by my opinion, but as turnabout is fair play – I love NSYNC. Imagine the kind of crap I take for THAT one.

Oh well, music still makes the world go round. I march to the beat of my own drum. Boogie on down to yours.

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