Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Survey says...

I got another great email today. Usually these silly survey things are all alike. What's your favorite color? Favorite food? Do you cry? And as silly as they are, I answer them all anyway, because it's something to do. But today, I got a good survey. I liked it so much, I decided to post it and my responses here. Feel free to pass it on to your friends too. We need more surveys in the email world.

Okay guys, you know the drill. Copy and paste and send your answers to all your friends so they can know how daring and crazy you are!

1. Have you ever been or do you ever want to go hang gliding? I’ve never been and I don’t intend to. (Shudder!)

2. Do you have any interest in going spelunking (cave exploring)? Only if it doesn’t require repelling.

3. Been scuba diving? Where? No, but I absolutely want to.

4. Seen any ancient ruins? Where? Does my old ’86 Ford LTD count? No? Okay, I guess I’ve not seen any yet, but I plan to see them all – Italy, Egypt, Scotland…

5. Been on a cruise? Where? Not yet, but want to real bad. I'd like to start in Hawaii, but eventually end up in Japan.

6. Gone on a hot air balloon ride? No, and I’m unsure about this one. Angel wants to and I told her I’d go with her, but I may huddle in the bottom of the basket and whimper the whole time. :) Despite that very real possibility though, I would love to shoot some pictures from a balloon.

7. Flown a plane? Flown one? I’ve not even been ON one.

8. Bungie jumped? No way in HELL will I be doing this one.

9. Hiked through the wilderness and camped out survivor style? Does Skylark’s camping count? We learned how to do it, it’s just not been put into practice much. Although with a Dad like mine, I probably know every way possible to survive with just a tin can, flint and string.

10. Slept under the stars? Yes. And technically, I sleep under the stars every night, the roof just gets in the way of seeing them.

11. Slept on a boat on the ocean? Not yet. But I intend to. In fact, if I nail that cruise, I’ll have hit two birds with one stone.

12. Swam with the dolphins? Only in my dreams. This is the first priority on my list of things I want to do before I die.

13. Held a new born baby just hours after he or she was born? Yes, and she was beautiful. :)

14. Started a fire with no matches? Yep, I prefer lighters, they’re less hassle. :) Actually, I have started fire with a flint.

15. Been terrified that a wild animal was going to get you? Yep. When we lived in the country we had a pack of coyotes that lived in the woods across the road from our front door. One night they made a kill close to the road. They were so loud it sounded like they were on the front porch. I was scared to go outside for a week. I was sure a coyote was gonna carry me off. (Hey, I was seven. It could happen!)

16. Been lost in a foreign country? No, but it sounds like fun.

17. Met anyone famous? Yep, although you may not have heard of her, Wanda Dyson is a best selling author in the Christian Suspense Genre and I met her last May in Colorado. Very cool lady.

18. Accomplished something you at first thought was impossible? Most Definitely and I intend to keep doing so.

19. Did something you were terrified of doing and felt proud of your achievement? Oh golly, I do this all the time.

20. Ran a marathon? Nope - and not likely to either, not even if I was a skinny chick. Running is not my thing. Running so long that my lungs burn out in my chest and my legs turn to rubber, - MOST DEFINITELY not my thing.

I didn't do too horrible. I've done a few things. I think it's time to update my list of things to do before I die though.

How about you?

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chubby-girl said...

I know, I need to update and DO some of my list. I might have lost it. I'll have to look back.