Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lizard Love

I'm in love with a lizard... it's voice that is, actually it's a Gecko... are Geckos lizards? I think they are. Anyway, have you seen the latest commercials with our little green studmuffin traveling to the remote jungles to spread the good news of cheap insurance? He's had a voice makeover. He sounds just like Callum Blue. (I've tried to verify whether it actually IS him, but haven't yet confirmed.) If you aren't familiar with Callum Blue's voice, watch Related on the WB. He's Bob, Jenni's husband. A Brit with an absoloutely adorable accent. I'm not usually so swayed by the Brittish accent, but his is just so.... cute? Is that the right word?

But I digress, our Gecko Don Juan has always been adorable. Green suits him so well and he's so talented. I loved watching him do the robot. But up until this most recent series of commercials, he was merely a cute little icon. But the new accent? I could listen to him talk all day. (Of course, that goes for Callum too, and he's certainly a 10 on the adorable scale as well.) Like when he's telling his lizard buddy that getting a free quote is like getting free pie and chips. "Everybody likes pie and chips. It's pie... and chips... and it's free." Okay, so it's not the same typing it out, but if you could hear it in my head, you'd agree. It's freaking adorable.

I don't have Geico insurance. I don't want Geico insurance, although I'm sure they're a fine company. I just want to take their little Gecko mascot home. I'd keep him in a little house on my desk and call him "Bob". (I'd take Callum Blue, but he'd take up too much room on my desktop.) He could talk to me all day long and keep me sane. Then when I have a Ground Hog Day Week like I am now, at least there would be a bright spot in it.

I think I'll go have some pie... and chips.

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