Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Five for Lunch

I was hanging out with Lindz and my sister, Angel the other night and the question was asked, “If you could choose five people alive today to have lunch with, who would you choose?”

Of course we started joking about inviting all the good looking men in Hollywood, like Tom Welling or Oded Fehr. But after we really started discussing why we would invite people, it really got interesting.

Angel’s choice was to have all men with accents – Keith Urban, Oded Fehr, Sean Connery, etc. I thought she was joking. Nope. She just wants to sit and listen to them talk to one another. I can see her point to some degree. I’m a sucker for a good accent, too. But, if I only get to do this once I my life, I want to choose people I can really talk to and pick their brains. Lindz kind of felt that way too.

My first choice would be Dee Henderson, because she is an amazing writer, super intelligent and I find her really interesting. Plus, she is my all time favorite author. (If I was doing writers only, I could name off a lot more, like Janet Chapman, Kathy Tyers, Karen Marie Moning and Terry Blackstock. But for this exercise, I’m limiting myself to one author.)

My second guest would be Rob Thomas. Not because he’s cute (although he is), but because he is an amazing song writer. His talents both on stage and in the studio amaze me. I want to just soak up the creativity that seems to overflow his veins.

My third guest would be Oprah. She has excelled at everything she puts her hands to. She’s had an incredible life, overcoming some really bad stuff, and yet she is so positive. I would love to really hear about her life in depth and find out how she keeps it all together.

My fourth guest would be Steven Spielberg. There is another man who just oozes creativity. Every project he takes on becomes a legend in and of its self. Maybe he didn’t do Lord of the Rings (and trust me I love Peter Jackson), but his longevity in the industry is quite a feat and I love his films.

Last, but not least, my fifth guest would be Dick Van Dyke. I know his is not the most prominent long running career in Hollywood, but I find him truly legendary. He’s had a phenomenal career and continues to work hard even in his older age. He hasn’t won Oscars, he doesn’t choose gritty films, but he’s consistent and he makes me laugh. What he does choose is guaranteed to be good just because he’s such a hard worker. I suppose there are a lot of actors I could choose, but his career interests me the most. Plus, he’s so much fun.

So there’s my guest list. I don’t suppose it’s very likely that it will ever happen, but a girl’s gotta dream. Maybe someday, if I wish on enough stars…



chubby-girl said...

I think mine would be...
Oprah, Martha Stewart, Kenny Chesney, Sandra Bullock and Adam Sandler.

That was very hard to come up with for some reason. I know, that is a weird list isn't it? I have to admire Oprah for her success, Martha is just the Queen of Everything, Kenny-well, he's just hot, Sandra Bullock just seems like a very down-to-earth, fun person, and Adam Sandler because I really think a lot of what he does in movies and tv is his personality.

Anonymous said...

I want to talk to George Bush to find out why he really does the things he does.

Saddam Hussein to hear his side of the story.

Christopher Walken because he seems so off the wall and I want to know if he really is.

The pope, to find out what really goes on inside the vatican.

And MENEM so there'd be someone at the table who'd actually tell the truth!