Friday, November 04, 2005

It's Finally Fall

I’m so happy that it’s finally fall. I looked out into my backyard this morning, and the entire lawn is covered in yellow leaves. My front yard is spattered in orange and gold. I suppose, as an adult, I should look at this and see all the work it will take to rake them. But, lucky for me, I’m only an adult by age. The kid in me sees a fairy land and I’m leaving my leaves where they are.

It seems like the last few falls just haven’t been as colorful, too wet and windy maybe for good foliage. But this year everything is beautiful. I especially love the sugar maples that turn shades of pumpkin and red delicious. The bark looks almost black against the color infused leaves, making them all the more fantastic.

If you haven’t guessed yet, autumn is my favorite time of year. It brings back happy memories faster than anything - collecting leaf bouquets when I was little to hang on our front door, hayrides with our church youth group, followed by bonfires and hot cider at the apple orchards. Fall brings memories of past birthdays and Thanksgivings, visiting the grandparents and shopping for the holidays. It also brought the beginning of a new school year, and that in itself was a thrill all its’ own. (I was one of those weird kids that LOVED school.)

Even more than the leaves, I adore the weather that comes with the season. There’s a smell of earth and frost and dried leaves, mixed with rain and sunshine - and sometimes wood smoke - that permeates the earth. The air feels more alive, like a creature that has just awakened and can’t wait to come out and play. To shake the leaves free so they can chase wild and free through town.

Autumn’s magical. Not in the witches and wizards, kind of way, but in a fabulous sense that creation is alive. It’s as if fall is the last big hurrah before nature goes to sleep for the winter and the leaves are the confetti being tossed about.

So I invite you to lock away your bossy adult and let your inner child free. Make yourself a mug of hot cider, go out and enjoy this weather while it lasts. And if you must rake the leaves - be sure you jump in them first.


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chubby-girl said...

Amen, sister!! I absolutely LOVE fall...can't get enough of it. I would love for it to be fall all year!! Pumpkins, leaves, perfect weather, hot chocolate....ahh...