Tuesday, November 08, 2005

If I could be a Super Hero

Okay, no whining today. I’ve got it out of my system and we’re on to something new.

I was watching TV with my 3 year old niece the other night and she insisted we watch Spiderman cartoons. Now I don’t have anything against Spiderman, he’s a great superhero, but it struck me as an odd choice for a 3 year old girl. I didn’t figure she’d pay that much attention, but she was glued to it. Which made me think, if I was a cartoon superhero, who would I choose to be?

I had a lot of favorite cartoons as a kid. I remember the Justice League. I thought Aqua man was cool, but being able to fly like Superman would be awesome too. Then there was Cat Woman, but after Halle Berry’s movie you have to wonder whether she was Super Hero or Super Model. (Not that I would be opposed to looking like Halle Berry.) The Fantastic Four were cool too. I think Mr. Fantastic or the Invisible Girl would top out there. The Wonder Woman series wasn’t a cartoon, but she’s was really cool in both the live action show and the Justice League. So she’s at the top of my probables.

I was also a fan of He-Man, but NOT She-ra. There was the X-Men. Storm was pretty cool. Then of course there were the Teenage-Mutant Ninja turtles. Never wanted to be a turtle, but April, their journalist friend was cool and we shared a name. Captain Planet was kind of lame in retrospect, but I liked the show at the time. I know Power Rangers became big at one point, but I hated the show with such a passion, that just seeing a commercial made me gag.

I watched the Incredible Hulk faithfully too. He rocked. However, as much as I love the color green, I don’t want to be green. (It’s not easy being green…) Plus, it looked painful to transition and I don’t enjoy pain. So the Hulk is off the list.

I loved Scooby-Doo and even though none of them had super hero powers, Velma’s brain power and ability to deduce clues was pretty cool. Jinkies, I wanted to be like her!

It’s a touch decision. Climb walls and swing through the air like Spiderman? Cool, but I’m terrified of heights, so a slender strand of webbing isn’t likely to feel secure enough. In all honesty, I’d probably rather date He-man than be him, so he’s off too. Susan Storm as the Invisible Girl would rank pretty high, if it wasn’t for the fact she has to be naked to be invisible. That kind of nixes it for me. However Mr. Fantastic’s stretching would be very cool. I’ve done the journalism thing, and as much fun as it is, it’s not a superpower, so that boots Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well.

I really think it comes down to a toss up between Superman, Wonder Woman and Mr. Fantastic. I mean other than the green rocks, Superman’s pretty indestructible. As a kid, I always thought Superman should choose Wonder Woman instead of Lois Lane. Just imagine if they had kids, now there’s a super-hero I’d want to be. Wonder Woman however is beautiful, charming and has Amazonian strength, speed and agility. Plus, she never ages and can change her clothes by twirling. I don’t think even super-stretchy can beat that.

I think I’d have to go with Wonder Woman. She’s definitely my favorite. Even her invisible plane and lasso and truth are awesome. Plus, she got Steve and he was quite the hottie.

So, if you had to choose, what Super Hero would you be?

Power On!


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chubby-girl said...

I think you've got it right...but, what about the Powerpuff Girls?? Hehehehe...