Monday, November 07, 2005

The Monday morning blues

I’m bored! (Insert WHINE!) It’s Monday and it definitely feels like one. And am I bored because I have nothing to do? NO. I’m bored because I have plenty to do – it’s just the same thing I’ve done everyday for the last 9 ½ years. How do people last until retirement? The thought of being in this job for another 37 years makes me ill.

I have a good job. I’m grateful God blessed me with it, but days like today I have to keep telling myself that over and over.

I do accounting. Me - accounting. The girl who only made it through advanced math due to a lenient teacher and a couple of really smart classmates who were nice enough to tutor me. The girl who wanted to teach high school English, and become a famous writer. Where did accounting ever figure into that?

I’m not dumb - I’m actually really good at my job. As long as I’m not dealing with Geometry or Trigonometry, I do just fine with numbers. It’s just sucking all the creative life out of me. Weekends are where I cram all of my creative activities. Writing, photography, reading – whatever, and it’s just not enough.

What I really want to do is stay home and write. I know, I had all weekend to do that and I read instead. But reading is part of the writing process. Feeding my creativity is just as important as expressing it. Even Stephen King designates certain hours of his week to keeping up with the latest releases and his favorite authors. I’m just following a bestseller’s example. I went through two book over Sat and Sun. So now I’m ready to write.

I have several projects in the works. I’ve finished a suspense novel and I’m just tweaking it before I start shopping it around. I’ve got two more novels in the beginning stages. One’s a chick-lit and the other is more of a comedy/romance. I also have a children’s book I’m tweaking before it goes into the shopping rounds as well. And that’s just what I’m currently working on. Ideas are one thing I am not short on. Who knows if I’ll ever have the time to write all the books I have outlined.

I haven’t sold any of my novels yet… but I will. And when I do, you can say you “read me back when”. Of course at this rate it could be a while, but if I’m anything it’s determined. I’m a procrastinator too, but somehow it still works out. I guess my drive to succeed generally outweighs my fear of rejection. (Go figure, I chose the one career where I’m guaranteed to be rejected consistently.) But I have to say, as hard as it is to hear no, I’d still rather be pursuing that, than crunching these numbers day in and day out. It’s a good thing I can carry on a full fledged day dream without missing a number. It’s the one thing that saves my sanity. That and the music I play all day, but that’s a whole different post.

Happy Monday,

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chubby-girl said...

Amen, I have felt like that many times before...plenty to do, but bored. Right now, I'm pretty much just at a loss as to what I'm supposed to be doing. *sigh* Oh, well. On with my day.