Monday, November 28, 2005

Surviving the Holiday

Well, I survived the holiday. It’s funny how a four day weekend can make you more tired then a solid week at work. I had more fun then I would at work though, so I gladly opt for caffeine this morning.

Thanksgiving ended up being a fairly small affair this year, we only had eight for lunch. The food was great and I only had to handle the turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy. Everyone else brought the sides and pies. However, I was left with a mountain of dirty dishes that I am just now climbing out from under. (Mostly because I procrastinated horribly Friday and Saturday - terrible, huh?)

Friday was a recovery day. I was REALLY lazy. I absolutely refuse to shop on Black Friday. I hate the crowds and the violence. (Mostly mine, because by the time I’ve fought traffic, parking, crowds and rudeness, I’m ready to get violent.)

Instead I went with my two sisters to see “Just Friends”. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I actually liked it a lot. Ryan Reynolds was adorable and it was very funny and heartwarming. They use a lot of physical comedy, but everyone needs some of that occasionally.

Saturday was another lazy day; the only thing we did was watch movies. (I have mini-TVs for eyes now. I watched SO much TV this weekend with my family.) I went with Angel to see the new “Pride and Prejudice”. I LOVE IT! I’m a big Jane Austen fan, so I’m always both excited and wary to see Hollywood take on one of her stories. But I think this one turned out really well. It’s definitely going into my DVD collection. I think Donald Sutherland was an inspired choice for Lizzie’s father. I wasn’t sure about their choice for Darcy when I saw the previews, but he was actually a perfect fit. He’s very swoon worthy.

Sunday I spent with my nieces and nephews and cleaned up the major mess in my house from hosting Thanksgiving. I also installed a new writing program and finally feel the itch to write again. I’ve been too busy and distracted to focus on my novels, but the bug is back so maybe I’ll get in the groove again. At least until Christmas interrupts me. Thankfully I’ve got most of my shopping done already.

Hears hoping you survived the holiday,


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chubby-girl said...

I did survive...ours was pretty good. I definitely enjoyed the time off. I need to get with you to pick your brain on writing soon...I've got the bug again too. Time to dust off Grouchy Gumdrops.