Thursday, March 30, 2017

Solstice Publishing: Stories of Faith that Will Touch Your Soul

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ; a renewal of the faith so many hold so close. Those who believe take the time to reflect on their blessings and honor their Lord. These stories show faith tested and renewed during this special season. Will they hold dear to that faith or stumble?

Old friends… New danger

Pioneer Easter, new beginnings

A Heaven sent smile to believe

Bereft of faith Anton returns home

The Story of Faith and Courage

Some things can be changed

Will Melinda discover her inner strength?

Faith tested and renewed in many different ways. An abandoned child; two people must trust all will turn out right. A family moving west following bigotry. Hope lost; a yearning to believe. A return home to discover faith. Faith and renewal versus loss and grief. Her rocky path leads her home. A teen struggles for answers.

April Erwin, Eden S. Clark, Donna Patton, E.B. Sullivan, J.E. & Carla Holling and Jeannie Anderson, Leah Hamrick, and K.C. Sprayberry present stories of strength and hope, of struggle and desolation, of returning to what has always sustained them.


As an extra special added bonus, we also present Notes On A Cowslip Flower by Solstice Publishing author Chrystal Vaughan.

Where do you put your faith?

When ChrissyBell loses the only father she has ever known, will his teachings and faith sustain her? Childhood can be such a confusing time, especially when your biological father is absent. Christina (ChrissyBell to her closest friend) never knew hers, but Universe sent a replacement in the form of Indian Jim, who taught her the ways of his people. Her life path, and spirituality, were written in the lines of his hands and the words on the petals of flowers.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New Release! Justice Redeemed by April Erwin

Good news! A new Heroes in Justice short story is releasing on March 31, 2017! Justice Redeemed is releasing initially as part of A Renewal of Faith vol. 1, a collection of faith renewing short stories published by Solstice Publishing. (It will release as a single at a later date.)

I'm so excited to share this story with you. Carl is a Justice Fire Department paramedic. (He was briefly mentioned in Justice Burning, book 1.) Carl lived a complicated life until he met Jesus and made a covenant with his Savior. Now, just as life is going so well, a chapter from his past has returned to turn his life upside down. 

Alison and Carl's relationship and personal journeys were so important to me to share. It's easy to point to Carl as the Hero in this story, but I love that the title Hero can be shared with Alison as well. She's a different type of hero, but just as important. I think that's true of all the stories in the series so far. Aidan and Morgan in Justice Burning, Cam and Trix in A Volunteer Christmas, and Keegan and Emily in The Power of Love. Each show that being a hero comes in many forms and identities. It's a matter of asking God, "What's your plan for me? How can I serve you in the lives of those around me?" Just be prepared - the answer is often not what you anticipated! LOL. 

That is where the adventure and suspense comes in. It's exciting, a bit scary, and completely eye opening. I hope that as you read Justice Redeemed and the other books in the Heroes in Justice series, you find a reflection of that journey with the Savior.

Be sure to check out all the inspiring stories this Easter. Available March 31, 2017 at