Monday, October 29, 2018

Aspects of Faith giveaway a success!

God is so good! The journey to completion of Aspects of Faith has been a bit of a whirlwind - in a great way, of course. Never has a project flowed so smoothly or had such a great release.

I know this book was given to me, it's not my wisdom, but that of our Savior Jesus Christ who graciously opened my eyes to the truth. I count myself blessed to be able to share what I learned with others. In an effort to make it easily available to as many as possible, I offered the book for free for 5 days. During that time the book hit the top 20 list in its category multiple days in a row on Amazon. At the end of the promotion, 58 copies had been given away in 5 different countries: USA, India, Brazil, Germany, and Canada. That is what I call a successful start for a Christian Faith study guide!

The blessings just keep coming as readers comments start to come in. Author Rebecca Reddell, a fantastic storyteller in her own right, left a wonderful 5-star review on Amazon.

"As a fan of Author April Erwin, I was delighted to read her breakdown on faith. It gave a personal view of faith, the need to believe, and why Jesus isn't a magic button. Her testimonies, as well as her scriptural connections, give the book a more personal and relatable standpoint. I love her writing style and intimate look at a personal relationship with the Lord and how we can benefit from having even a mustard seed of faith. I feel it's a must-read in this day and age when our faith is lacking, and the world is overwhelming."

She also shared the book as a feature on her blog. It's an honor to call her my friend and I'm so touched she wanted to share this testimony of Faith with her readers.

Please click this link to visit her page and explore her many books as well. :)

Rebecca's Write Inspirations: Author April Erwin's Aspects of Faith: Most of us,  sometimes, feel as if our heads are barely keeping above water. Even Avril Lavigne felt that way as she dealt with health i...

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

NEW RELEASE! Get Aspects of Faith FREE!


Aspects of Faith is now available at To celebrate the release of this new study guide, I'm offering the ebook for FREE on Amazon. Follow the link to get your copy and please share with your friends and family. Hurry, it's only available October 23rd-27th. 

“Faith is one of the most basic acts of being a follower of Jesus Christ. It’s faith that Jesus is the Son of God who sacrificed himself on a cross and defeated death and sin to rise again so that we could be free, that brings us to commit our lives to Him. I would even say it ’s the first step, because how can you come unto him and repent, if you don’t already have faith to believe He’s real?

Faith doesn’t stop there. Once we make that covenant, then our faith has to continue to grow and become active. It’s that type of faith that I think many of us struggle with the most. I certainly do and I know I’m not alone. It’s not something we often talk about as a group of believers, but maybe we should.

Why, if we have faith in who Jesus is, do we also struggle to have faith in what Jesus will do? Sure, He died for my sins, but can or will He really heal me? Or help me overcome my financial/personal/emotional struggles?

Personal faith in the divine is what I wanted to understand deeper. To go beyond the general or even abstract definition and understand the basic steps that build personal faith. I invite you to join me on my journey to learn the many aspects of faith.”

Enjoy and God bless!