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April Erwin
Author and Freelance Editor
Thank you for taking the time to look over my services. I'm an International Best Selling Author with credits both in fiction and journalism. I've tutored reading challenged children with Dyslexia and find that working with words is one of my greatest passions. I've been working with other writers to help them grow in their craft many years and now I'd like to help you. 

My services include freelance writing as well as manuscript evaluation and editing. All at extremely reasonable rates for this industry. Why? Because most writers don't have a lot of money to spend. I believe you deserve the opportunity to learn from a professional and shape your work into something you can be proud to publish. 

Want to know more about me? Visit me at www.AprilErwin.com

Freelance Writer:
Do you need a cover letter for your resume? What about a bio for a web page, or an article for your business, product, or even a family newsletter? Complete a short interview to provide the necessary information and let me write the copy.

Cost: 12 cents a word with one edit round included. Minimum fee of $20.00. 

"April is an amazing and accomplished writer. So when I was struggling to write my cover letter and resume after being out of the game for 11 years, April came to the rescue. After taking the time to talk to me about my work experience and the type of job I was looked for, she was able to bring it all together in the most well written cover letter I have ever seen. She asked great questions to make sure she pulled in all the proper information, she offered great suggestions on which experiences were the best to include in the letter - the ones that would stand out and get me noticed. 
She was able to pull in all of my random experiences, even non-employment related ones. The letter flowed beautifully, was well written and professional. I am amazed at how she was able to sew it all together as neatly as she did (some of the things I have done are so unrelated I really struggled bringing it together). But she did. 
Not only did she write a fantastic cover letter but she did a phenomenal job on my resume. She was able to condense it to one page and still get everything on there, perfectly organized. I couldn't be happier with her work! Thank you again April!" - Jennifer P.

Manuscript Evaluations:
A manuscript evaluation is a one-time read through of a submitted manuscript with an in-depth report given at the end. Your evaluation will include detailed notes on grammar and punctuation issues and how to correct them, plot evaluation and suggestions, tips to correct writing weaknesses with examples from your own writing, and commentary on what you’re doing right. These reports are generally 2-3 pages long depending on the length of the manuscript and the corrections needed. This is not an edit. No changes will be made to the actual manuscript.

Cost: 50 cents per page with a minimum of $20. Any manuscript falling beneath 40 pages will be charged the minimum fee.

"Ms. Erwin has recently done a manuscript evaluation for me. Her evaluation was honest and straight to the point. She made several suggestions as to how I might improve my manuscript and make better use of certain vocabulary types. I plan on using April's services again in the future."  - Andy S.

Manuscript Edits:
A Manuscript edit is all inclusive.  I will correct formatting, punctuation, spelling, grammar errors, smooth phrasing while endeavoring to keep the writer voice and make notes for plot consideration.  There will be no more than two rounds of editing per contract. Additional editing will require a new contract. If your publisher has specific submission requirements that differ from universal standard, I will edit to match their requirements, if requested and noted in the contract.

I reserve the right to refuse any project prior to contract. I also reserve the right to cancel the contract without refund if the manuscript fails to meet requirements listed below** in my opinion.  If you think this could be an issue, please discuss your concerns with me before the contract is signed.

Cost: $1.00 per page for standard double spaced format * or $1.50 for single spaced standard format. Fee is contracted on the total number of pages at submission before edits. Minimum fee of $40 for double space/$60 for single space. Any manuscript falling beneath 40 pages will be charged the minimum fee.

*Standard MS submission format is an 8.5" x 10" page with one inch margins on all sides and 12 pt Times New Roman font that is double spaced.

**No Horror, erotica, incest, sexual deviance or overly sexual content, only heterosexual relationships. Please keep the foul language to a minimum. All other genres and categories, such as sci-fi, historical, contemporary, suspense, Y/A, Middle grade, etc. are welcome. Please keep your submissions at a PG level.

Payment accepted via PayPal.

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