If you've been to a book signing recently, you've probably seen posters I've designed on display for sale. There are currently 4, each designed with a purpose; a way to join with all of you in sharing an important and uplifting message. I hope they touch your heart and inspire you and encourage you to share.

If you want to be a part of this poster craze, you can purchase them direct from me. They're available for sale at $3 each (+shipping if required. Contact me for price quote.) Size 11x17, a standard framing size if desired.

Designed with my life motto, this poster coordinates with the Dream Big series. Dysfunction Junction is book 1.
One of my favorite scriptures. We are all equal in the eyes of God, all equally dependent on Him. An especially good reminder when we are struggling with relationships, life's trials and emotional hardships. 

Another favorite scripture. Such an amazing and beautiful promise. One that I have witnessed fulfilled in my own life and others many times. Answers will come at God's grace, but how we seek the answers is so important. This verse always lifts my heart and bolsters my faith. 
After a Sacrament service, my sister Angel was dwelling on the sermon about repentance. She was inspired with this phrase as a simple way to define and remember what the steps of repentance are. When she shared it with me, I knew there was a song there. By the next day I had completed the children's song with a simple melody. I know that Angel and I both felt the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in creating this simple song. Since then we've shared it with many and kids seem to love it. Although the poster is a good way to help the kids remember the lyrics, the words are for all ages. 

Because Repent! is a ministry song, we share it freely with anyone who would like to use it in their home, church or school. To make that easier, you can visit this google.doc page to download all you need. 

REPENT! A Children’s Song
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