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Fun and Addictive series from Rachael Tamayo


My Take:

Bravo, Rachael Tamayo! The Friend-Zone series was fun and addictive. After reading Adrienne's adventure into romance with her best friend Clint in Chase Me, I was sure I could never sympathize with Adrienne's sister, Ashley. The author did a great job of bringing Ashley to life and showing the real woman she is in book 2 Reach for Me. Ashley's romance with Shane is a page turner. All three novels were. Chloe and Micah may seem like an obvious match from book one forward, but the twist in their story made the journey in their relationship an exciting read and certainly not predictable. I can't wait to see more from this very talented author.

I received a copy of this collection free in return for my honest review. The only reason it has received four stars instead of five, is because of the amount of typos I found. That's not something I would usually even mention, but since many readers/reviewers find this to make reading more difficult, I wanted to note it.  I don't believe it hinders the enjoyment of the story, so please don't miss out on a great read.

About the Books:

Loving your friends is one thing, falling in love is something totally different. For these six people, finding themselves in the friend zone proves to be a problem they weren't prepared for. Follow three couples in their journey to escape friendship and find true love in the Friend-Zone Series Boxed Set. 

Book one: Chase Me

Adrienne Lawrence loves her friends. It seems, however, that she doesn’t get along with her family as well. One hot Texas summer, Adrienne manages to fall headfirst over her own big mouth when she lies to her Mom about a long term boyfriend in efforts to squelch her Mom’s nasty comments about having a date for a family wedding.

Clint Montgomery, one of her best friends, kindly steps in agreeing to play the part of the devoted boyfriend during a week-long venue wedding across the country.

After a week of pretend kisses and smoldering looks, the lines between what is fake and what is real seem to become fuzzy. The only problem is, Adrienne doesn’t want to become one of the women that Clint leaves in his wake, but fighting what she’s feeling is becoming almost impossible.

Book two: Reach for Me

When Ashley’s high society life crumbles around her in the space of one afternoon, she’s forced to swallow her pride and move back home to Dallas. Having lost both her husband and her career, she takes up a job at her father’s restaurant under her little sister Adrienne’s management. After months living with her parents, she decides to move in with her coworker and friend, Shane. Ashley vows to never let a man cause her life to come crashing down around her ever again. Never will feelings cause her to make “stupid decisions.”

Of course, that's before she knew Shane. Can she resist his charms? Not to mention, blue eyes, tattoos, and a ride on his motorcycle.

Book three: Claim Me

Who will claim her heart once and for all? A hot Spanish purring blond or a life-long friend with deep eyes and a heart to match?

Chloe, ever the “good girl” among her close knit group of friends, that is until Brandon comes along. For the first time, Chloe forgoes the wait for love and lets her hormones take the lead. After the fling takes it course, he moves away and life goes on.

Of course, that includes her close friend Micah. Her brother’s best friend and the man she’s crushed on since she was fourteen years old. Micah’s only grown hotter as he blossomed from an awkward teen into a full grown man, and now that they are roommates, things heat up quickly.

There’s only one problem. Just as things start to finally combust between the friends after years of holding back, Chloe’s fling comes back to haunt her in a big way. She’s pregnant with Brandon’s baby.

Now torn between the man she’s loved most of her life or the man that’s fathered her child and stirred up a heat in her that doesn’t seem to be extinguished, Chloe has a choice to make.

About the Author: 

Who am I? I'm a police dispatcher/ 911 operator, and a romance writer. I'm a wife and mother. I live in the Houston, TX area with my husband of twelve years and our three year old son. We all live happily with our yellow Lab, Daisy and our African Grey parrot, Sassy, 

When I'm not writing or working, you can usually find me at home enjoying quality time with my husband and son, or maybe a large family get together with my fantastic extended family.

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WIN FREE EBook - Justice Redeemed Giveaway!

The single release is here and to celebrate I'm giving three lucky winners a copy of Justice Redeemed the eBook! This is the latest entry in my Heroes in Justice series, but reads well as a stand alone short story if you're new to the series. Take a chance and find a Hero!

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Be sure to share this with all your friends and loved ones too, this contest ends Friday, April 21, 2017 at midnight.  Good Luck!!

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Cover Reveal! Justice Redeemed goes Solo

If you purchased the Renewal of Faith vol. 1 to read Justice Redeemed - thank you!  If you were waiting for the single, then wait no more! It's ready for purchase in eBook and paperback. :)

I love this cover, it tugs on my heart strings and I hope that it gives you a peek into what Carl feels when he finds that precious baby on his doorstep.

Have you ever wondered what you would do if it happened to you? It's a big question and for Carl it brings up a past he'd put behind him. I can't wait for you all to read Carl and Alison's story. Redemption is a powerful thing.

Click here to get your copy today and thank you so much for your support. If you enjoy the story, please let others now by spreading the word. :)