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And the Winner Is...

Congratulations, Rebecca!

Rebecca is the winner of Hell in a Briefcase by Phil Little.

Enjoy the book, Rebecca, and be sure to watch for more contests coming soon.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Turtle Power = Turtle Love

Song Stuck on the Brain: The Remedy by Jason Mraz

A writing buddy emailed me the following quiz for fun. I had to laugh when mine popped up. I watched the TMNT because of April the journalist. I thought it was so cool that this chick had my name. Up to that point, April was a rare name to hear. Still isn't super popular. Anyway, I wanted to be a writer too, so it was like seeing a future, fantasy me on TV. She even has red hair and mine's kind of red (at least it has been some shade of red for the last 11 years or so).

It's nice to know that when I die, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will miss me. :)

Cowabunga, Dude!

'What will your obituary say?' at

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Meet Quinn...

Song Stuck on the Brain: Free Fallin'

Meet Quinn...

Quinn is the latest addition to my little household. Named for Jonas Quinn, played by Corin Nemic, the Stargate SG-1 Season 6 team member that temporarily replaced Daniel Jackson and also for Quinn Mallory played by Jerry O'Connell on Sliders. Two of my favorite SciFi shows ever.

I tried to introduce Quinn to Jack, but apparently a wiggling fish in a cup is scarrier than raccoons and squirrels. Every time I held the cup out for him to sniff, he'd back up and turn away. He did pay more attention once Quinn was in his tank, he just didn't want to sniff him.

Oh well, I don't think Quinn's feelings were hurt in the process. He's quite the little swimmer. I had a time of it getting a good shot, because every time I'd get him framed, he'd take off again. It's nice to have another aqualine resident. They may be silent, but they're very soothing.

Hope your day goes swimmingly,

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

CFBA: The Heir by Paul Robertson

Song Stuck on the Brain: Veggie Tales Theme Song

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is introducing
The Heir by Paul Robertson
(Bethany House March 1, 2007)


Jason Boyer Just Got an Inheritance to Die For

The fortune wasn't supposed to befall him. Jason Boyer had known all along his father's business empire would pass to different hands. Which suited him just fine. The money was crooked and the power corrupt. But when an accident claims the old man's life, everyone is stunned by the unveiling of the will. With the passing of the Boyer crown, power-hungry politicians and shady business partners all try to force Boyer's hand. Fighting the temptation of influence and riches, he simply wants to be a better man than his father--but attempting to stand for what’s right soon brings murderous consequences. As those closest to him are endangered--and news emerges that his father's accident may be something more sinister--Boyer finds himself fighting for his soul…and his life!

Is There Any Escape for The Heir?

All the money he could ever crave. In the splintering crash of a car plunging through a railing, Jason Boyer's life is changed. All the fame he could ever desire. But the last thing he wanted was the throne of his father's corrupt business empire. All the power he could ever wield.
The estate should have gone elsewhere, but the will was changed. And now everything is Jason's. But gaining the whole world just might cost him his life.

THE HEIR is a Grisham-like tale of intrigue and murder with a lot of humor and well-drawn minor characters.


"In THE HEIR, Paul Robertson serves up politics, privilege, and murder with a side of acerbic wit. What a fabulous book--a great mix of angst, humor, and ultimately, hope."
T.L.HINES--author of Waking Lazarus and The Dead Whisper On


Paul Robertson is a computer programming consultant, part-time high-school math and science teacher, and former independent bookstore owner in Blacksburg, Virginia. This is his first novel.


Don't forget to enter to win a copy of Hell In A Briefcase. Click on the book cover on the right to email me your entry. This contest is open to US and Canadian residents only and ends Sunday, April 29, 2007 at midnight. Good Luck!


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Sariah's Review of Return of the Guardian-King Part 2

Song Stuck on the Brain: O Happy Day! I dreamed about singing this last night. It was awesome. I could have given any gospel singer a run for the money... in my dream at least, but it wasn't about that. In my dream I was just so full of joy I couldn't help but sing. Oh Happy Day, O Happy Day, When Jesus washed, When Jesus washed, Washed my sins away, O Happy Day, O Happy Day...

Sariah's finished Return of the Guardian King by Karen Hancock, so without further ado, here is Sariah's final words.

I have to hand it to Karen Hancock. She has definitely produced a masterpiece in this final book of her series Legends of the Guardian-King. From the moment I picked up the first book and was introduced to Abramm Kalladorne I have wept at his trials, suffered anger at the injustices that continued to pound him, delighted in his triumphs and brief moments of happiness and held my breath, torn between hope and doubt, for his ultimate success against the shadows and his countless enemies.


Shortly after writing my first review all my worries about Taphenia's threats, and Trap and Carissa's relationship were put to rest and bigger problems presented themselves. I knew Abramm was in trouble when Taphenia was defeated so swiftly. Something stronger and more menacing would befall him since I still had so much of the book in front of me. Every day that delayed his return to Maddie had me as frustrated as Maddie. How could Eidon keep him away from his wife and children for so long? It wasn't fair. Why did he have to get lost in the desert? How could Maddie even consider marrying Tiris? My frustration grew until I was on pins and needles.

And then the worst. Abramm's beloved friend and trusted advisor was betrayed and killed just when he was needed to protect Maddie from a fate worse than death. My mind could not take it in. I denied the possibility of his death just as I have denied the death of other beloved characters. Gandolf, Chewbacca, Dumbledore, Durnik and Brennen Caldwell all of which died but whom some of which their respective authors chose to save them from death's darkness. I clung to the hope that would be the case here. Eidon had promised to restore all and more, he could not take Trap from Abramm in this way.

I loved Rolland's character. His loyalty and steadfastness reminded me of Sam Gamgee from Lord of the Rings. He was quiet, strong and loyal. I often wondered why Karen waited so long to lift the veil from his eyes so that he would recognize Abramm for who he was, but it turned out alright in the end.

And as for Maddie's struggle. I feared the worst when she was handed over to the enemy and rejoiced in her unexpected rescue. Then when she relented to the pressures of those around her and said yes to Tiris I wept for her hopeless situation. I understand the reasoning but my mind still shouted "how could she?" Why did Eidon not send her more dreams? She always knew what Abramm was going through. How could she not know now? Why did Abramm not send messengers of his safety? If only she would have trusted her first impressions of Tiris and had nothing to do with him from the start. Her intuition told her there was something not right with him.
Besides Tiris, Ronesca was another infuriating character. I must say I did not grieve her fate when at last she died. She deserved what she got, though Iam not sure Leyton did. As angry as I am at what he did, I believe he repented of his betrayal and would have been a better man if he had survived. I am not sure yet how I feel about Gillard. It seems at the end there that he also recognized the error of his ways and could have been redeemed, but I am not sure he deserved it. But then, who am I to say who deserves salvation?

I admit I was moved to tears in the last few pages as Abramm talked to his children, especially Ian. I am glad he finally got past his hurt and opened his heart again to his father. I could not have born it if the series had ended with such a drift between father and son.

End Spoilers:

Okay, so it's really not fair that you now all know how the book will end, but you still have to read them and be tortured by the details. :o) I loved them all. And really, I think she gave it to us easy in the last two books as I remember being much more frustrated in the first two. Or perhaps I have grown in the Light and knew that she would restore all that she took as was her only choice since she as the author had created the boundaries she was now constrained in. But still she could have tortured her readers a lot more than she did. Not that I am complaining since the torture was enough to make me set the book aside for days on end before forcing myself to reach for it again. But today I could not put it down, determined to finish it. And now that I have, I am glad that my friend April started me on this path.
I admit to having seen the book in the book store and even to have read the first chapter online but had decided I did not think I would like the book. And indeed I did not so much like it but was enspelled by it. Tortured as Abramm was tortured, plunged into the Shadow as he had everything he knew and loved ripped from him time and time again. By the end of book two is it any wonder that I didn't read book three for more than a year after it was given meas a Christmas gift? I knew what he would be facing and after all he had been through wasn't sure how much more the author would put him through. :o) But in the end, the author always knows what is best for her characters. :o)

This last book is the crowning jewel in a series that is at times both heart wrenching and heart warming. Feelings of frustration, aggravation and hope will take you from wanting to walk away and forget about Abramm, to turning the page before you set the book down. Ultimately you are left with the question: would I pass Eidon's test as well as he? I can only pray that I will, when the time comes.
Thanks for enriching my life with your stories Karen! I will never forget them, and your characters will long be heralded as much beloved friends, whom I am sure I will visit often. As I do all my favorite books.


Thanks again Sariah, for sharing your thoughts. I hope the rest of you out there have enjoyed having Sariah as a guest blogger. Be sure to leave your comments and let us know what you think.

And the Winner Is...

Congratulations, Carol E. !

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Carol is the winner of Arms of Deliverance by Tricia Goyer.

A new contest starts today.
Enter to win a copy of Hell in a Briefcase by Phil Little.

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About the book:
With violence in the Middle East escalating daily, Americans are glued to their televisions wondering what will happen next. Meanwhile, Matt Cooper, jet-setting star of Phil Little's debut novel Hell in a Briefcase is doing something about it. A private security executive, his adrenaline-junkie days consist of last-minute first-class overseas flights, Hollywood parties with his actress girlfriend, and direct calls from top CIA brass.
A chance meeting with Mr. Roberts, “an old broken-down millionaire” and uncommon Christian, sends Cooper on a trip to Israel that will change his life. Matt goes behind the curtain of Middle East terrorism, witnessing firsthand the untold ravages of holy war. The deeper he goes, the closer he gets to a plot involving eleven stolen briefcase nukes and a plan infinitely more sinister than 9/11.
Read the first chapter here!
Click on the book cover on the right to email me your entry. This contest is open to US and Canadian residents only and ends Sunday, April 29, 2007 at midnight.
Good Luck!

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CFBA: A Bigger Life by Annette Smith

Song Stuck on the Brain: As Long As You Love Me by The Backstreet Boys

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is introducing
(Navpress Publishing Group January 15, 2007)


Joel Carpenter did not plan for his life to turn out like this. He never meant to be a single dad, working at a hair salon in Eden Plain, Texas. But after making a careless choice four years ago, his marriage was permanently shattered. Now at twenty-seven, he finds himself juggling custody of his preschool son with Kari, the ex-wife he still loves, and sharing Sunday dinners with a group of other single dads.

Joel regrets the choices that brought him to this place, but it's not until the worst happens that he learns how much he still has to give. In the midst of deep tragedy, he learns that forgiveness is way more important than freedom. Hopefully it's not too late!

A BIGGER LIFE is a story of love in the midst of heartache, and friendship in the midst of real, everyday life.


In 1997, Annette was working as a home health nurse. She traveled the back roads from house to house, caring for ill and injured, home bound people. Because of her unique position in the lives of relative strangers, she often found herself bearing solitary witness to intimate behind-the-scenes situations full of grace and meaning. The desire to honor both a particular patient and a poignant scene involving the woman and her husband prompted Annette to write a fictionalized story, The Anniversary.

That first story appeared as a column in the Houston Chronicle newspaper and as an essay in Today’s Christian Woman magazine. Later it became a chapter in Annette’s first and best-selling book of short stories, The Whispers of Angels, that has sold more than 100,000 copies

Since then, Annette has penned four more books of stories, two volumes on parenting, and the Coming Home to Ruby Prairie trilogy.

Annette and her husband Randy, a High School teacher and coach, make their home on a wooded lot in Quitman, Texas. They are the parents of two young adult children, Russell and Rachel, both out on their own. Wally, a grateful, rescued mutt provides warmth and entertainment and keeps the Smith’s empty nest from feeling too lonely.

In addition to writing, Annette continues to serve part-time as a registered nurse. She finds the people she works with and the patients she cares for provide great inspiration for her fiction.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sariah's Review of Return of Guardian King - Part 1

Sariah is half way through Return of the Guardian King by Karen Hancock, and is so excited by the book, that she couldn't wait to give you her review. Here is the first half. Warning: there is a spoiler section that I've clearly marked, so if you don't want too much info, be sure to skip over that part.

Now, on to Sariah's Review part 1:

First let me say that I absolutely love this series. Karen's characters are so real and believable I find myself engrossed in the trials and often dream about what might happen next if I read too late at night. That being said, I waited over a year before I read book 3 because I knew the struggle Abramm was going to have to go through and didn't think I was up to facing it quite yet. But when April told me she wanted me to blog for book 4, I figured it was time to read book 3. And actually, it wasn't the torturous, monumental, aggravating dilemma I was expecting. Karen did a great job of portraying the character's mixture of insecurities, feelings and doubts without leaving me so frustrated I wanted to throw the book across the room. (Which I never do, but often want to with other authors.)

Not to say I wasn't frustrated at any point in the books. The Rhu'ema definitely need to die. Their manipulations and plottings remind me of Frank Peretti's Piercing the Darkness and This Present Darkness. The spiritual warfare that is going on all around the characters makes me wonder if that isn't at all similar to what is going on around us. Actually, it kind of scares me, especially when you see possessed people being used and plans being laid years in advance to bring about someone's downfall. But I guess that just goes to show that we need to have faith in God just as Abramm holds true to the Light and trusts in Eidon. I love the analogy, not only for it's witness of Christianity, but also of how it is expertly woven into the tale. It is definitely an intricate part of the tapestry, but at the same time I do not find it lecturesome or distracting from the story.


Okay, so I am at a point in the story where things are going well. Maddie has just told Trap that Abramm is alive. I can't wait to find out what the significance of the red dragon is (although I have my theories) and I really need to have Carissa and Trap work things out soon or I just might have to strangle them both. :o) But at least Maddie knows Abramm is alive now, so she is not going to go off and get married, or at least she better not! Oh and one more thing. I love the new enemy, Tapheina, though I really hope she gets it in the end. She is just downright wrong in my book! :o) I am sure there will be more scenes with her ahead and I anticipate hating her even more by the end.

End Spoilers

I am anxious to finally finish the series. But it will be a bittersweet moment as it always is when I have to say good bye to characters who have wormed their way into my heart. I would love to have the whole series on CD to be able to listen to whenever I want to revisit Kiriath but don't have the time to sit and read all four books again. Also, I loved the cover of book 4. Actually, I loved all the covers, but when I saw book 4, I was immediately captivated and wanted to sit down then and there and start reading. The power portrayed in that picture along with the title, put to rest all my fears of who will win out in the end. I know, I know, the good guy always wins, but at what cost? That is the question that keeps me reading at night. :o) On a side note, I am glad that I waited so long to read book 3 because if I had had to wait a year for book 4 to come out after that cliff hanger, I would have been very frustrated and annoyed with Karen. :o) Way to keep your readers hooked! But oh, you are cruel!!! :o)

I want to thank Sariah for being such a great friend and helping me out with this review. If this isn't enough to make you run to your nearest book store and buy the series, well then, there may be no hope for you. :) Just Kidding. Stay tuned, because Sariah will be back with the last half of her review in a few days.


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New Contest - Win a copy of Arms of Deliverance by Tricia Goyer

Enter to win a copy of

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Two friends, Mary and Lee, land similar reporting jobs at the New York Tribune on the eve of the war’s outbreak and soon they become competitors.

Mary’s coverage of a bombing raid over Germany leads to a plane wreck and an adventurous escape attempt from across enemy lines. When Lee hears of Mary’s plight, she bravely heads to war-torn Europe in an effort to help rescue her friend.

Will there be enough time for diplomacy or will war get the best of everyone?

Click on the cover in the sidebar to email me your entry. You must be a US or Canadian resident to enter. This contest ends Sunday, April 22, 2007 at midnight.
Good luck!

CSFF: Return of the Guardian King by Karen Hancock

Song Stuck on the Brain: Far Away by Nickleback

This week the CSFF is touring Return of the Guardian-King by Karen Hancock.

The powerful finale to the Christy-Award winning series…

Believed dead by all but the handful of supporters who rescued him from his Mataian enemies, Abramm Kalladorne has fled his homeland to the high mountains of northern Chesedh. Traveling under a new name with a group of bitter and increasingly desperate fellow exiles, Abramm hopes to reunite with his wife in Chesedh, where he will offer his services to her father in fighting the invading armies of the Black Moon. But with every step he is hindered, delayed and diverted from the direction he desires to go, and it soon becomes clear Eidon has other plans for him.

In the Royal city of Fannath Rill, Maddie alone believes Abramm still lives. But since she has no proof, her friends, family and public opinion press her to remarry. With its neighboring realms now under enemy control, Chesedh has become the last bastion of Eidon’s Light. Desperately overmatched, it cannot survive on its own. And the rich, handsome, eastern warlord who is openly courting Maddie has a vast fleet of galley ships that could turn the tide in Chesedh’s favor…


" Multiple Christy Award winner Karen Hancock has created a story world rich in detail and depth. Her well-written characters draw you into their world with their triumphs and struggles, failures and successes, heartbreak and joy… Return of the Guardian King holds to the same high standards set in the previous books, making the whole series keepers on my shelf.” ~Cheryl Russell for

Visit Karen at her website and fan forum to discuss the award winning series with other fans. If you're a writer, then be sure to check out her articles on writing.

This month we'll have a guest blogger reviewing this book. Although I've read Karen Hancock's Arena, I hadn't read this series yet. And who wants to start a series by reading the last book? However, my BFF Sariah, has read the series and couldn't wait to get her hands on book four. She's devouring it now and will email me her review as soon as possible. So stay tuned for more information.

Be sure to visit the other tour members blogs for more information.

Happy reading,

And the Winner is...

Congratulations, Carol!

Carol is the winner of Scimitar's Edge by Marvin Olasky.

I'll be posting the new contest soon, so keep watching.


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Just for Fun

Song Stuck on the Brain: I Think I Love You by the Partridge Family

I'm so psyched over Stargate's return. Friday night was awesome, but now I can't hardly wait for NEXT Friday. So, to hold me over, I visited for some clips. I found the TV spots for both series'. I love these. Mostly because....

With a little Stargate, Anything is possible...

John Shepherd from Atlantis

Sam Carter from SG-1

Teal'c from SG-1

Rodney McKay from Atlantis

Then, just for fun, I had to see what kind of Cheescake I am. This actually sounds really yummy.

You Are a Chocolate Mocha and Orange Cheesecake

Enthusiastic and intense, there's so much you love in the world... it's hard to do it all.

You are good at getting things to mix - friends, flavors, hobbies. You're the master of fusion!

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The Begining and The End

Song Stuck on the Brain: "Oh By Jingo" by Danny Kaye

The Begining -

It's Friday... SCIFI Friday... We get new Stargate tonight! YAY!!!! I've been antsy all day just anticipating the return of the best SciFi series ever. :)

It's a bittersweet celebration though, because it's also the harbinger of the end. These are the final episodes of Stargate SG-1. It's run for 10 seasons, longer than any other SciFi series. (In original episodes, not syndication.)

The exciting news is that the series may end, but the stories will go on. There are already two movies set to release this fall and a third Stargate spin off series will be joining Stargate: Atlantis in 2008. I'm psyched about that.

For all the lastest news and scoops, visit They've got it all.
The End-

Sadly, the end is already here for Thor. My poor little Betta fish. He was kind of sluggish yesterday morning. Then in the afternoon I found him floating belly up in the bottom of his tank. He was still breathing, but I knew he was on his last fin.

My brother told me that he had heard putting frozen peas in the tank would save your fish if they were floating upside down. I figured it couldn't hurt to try, right? He's already halfway to the golden pond. So, I put the peas in around 4 pm. At midnight I found the peas in the bottom of the tank and the water really cloudy. Thor, now right side up, had bit the gravel.
So the peas did work - just not the way I'd hoped. Poor Thor. He'd been my fishy friend for more than two years, so he had a good life.

I'll probably be shopping for his successor this weekend. I'm still debating a name. So far all of my Betta's have been named for Stargate characters. T'ealc was my first.

Since it's a fighting fish, I try to go with warrior like names. I'm thinking of either Bra'tac or Ronan. Maybe I'll get more ideas tonight as I watch the shows. If any one of you are fans and have a name to suggest, leave a comment, I'd love to read your ideas.

Contest -

Don't forget to enter the contest to win a copy of Scimitar's Edge by Marvin Olasky. Click on the book cover on the right to email me your entry. This contest is open to US and Canadian residents only and ends Sunday, April15, 2007 at midnight.
Happy Gating,

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Brandilyn Says...

Song Stuck on the Brain: "Good Morning, Good Morning, It's great to stay up late, Good Morning, Good Morning to you!" from Singing in the Rain.

Today is the second day of the CFBA blogtour of Coral Moon by Brandilyn Collins.

I'm now halfway through the book and I'm finding that it's creepier than any of her other books I've read. I didn't think it was possible, but it is. She may have just topped herself.

I emailed Brandilyn a few questions and she was kind enough to respond.

A. The Kanner Lake characters are so well drawn, how did you create such a realistic and colorful cast?

B.C. Developing characters is a part of fiction that I’ve always focused upon, even though I’m writing suspense, which tends to be thought of as “plot-driven” rather than “character-driven.” Yes, plot does drive my suspense, but if the readers don’t care about my characters, the best plot in the world won’t matter.

My focus on characterization goes back to my college days, when I majored in acting before switching to journalism. I studied acting techniques, especially Stanislavski’s Method Acting. Through those studies I eventually wrote my book on characterization,
Getting Into Character: Seven Secrets a Novelist Can Learn from Actors.

A. Your tag line is "Don't forget to Breathe." Obviously, you have the suspense format down to a 'T'. What inspires you to write in this genre?

B.C. In stressful situations, people change—or stubbornly choose to cling to their old ways. The latter in itself is a kind of change, in that it “cements in” behaviors that should be changed. Suspense presents the ultimate stresses—danger that threatens everything dear to the protagonist, including his/her life itself. It’s the ultimate set-up to see how the protagonist is going to react. Suspense therefore presents lots of action as well as inner angst and emotion.

Unfortunately, an evil world is just the kind of world we really do live in. But in writing Christian suspense, I can tell an intense, reality-based story while weaving in the unalterable, foundational truth of this world: God’s Power Trumps All. Now, my readers may believe or not believe that. My protagonists may or may not believe. But that message will in some way be telegraphed to the reader through the action and emotions in the story. In finishing the book, the reader is left with his own choice—whether or not he/she will embrace that truth.

A. Do you have a favorite character in your Kanner Lake series, and if so who is it and why?

B.C. No, not really. Wilbur’s fun, because he’s such a curmudgeon. He’s gotten more play on the Scenes and Beans blog than in the books. But he’s not been a main character. Each of the four books in the series focuses on a different female protagonist. They rage in age from early twenties to around 50. Meanwhile as the gang meets at Bailey Truitt’s coffee shop, Java Joint, the readers gets to see them all together, and their interaction. In Coral Moon, you’ll see how the Scenes and Beans blog has come along since Bailey started it in Violet Dawn. There’s a scene between Wilbur and Carla, the realtor. Oh, my, how these two love to argue. Wilbur’s trying to dictate a post so Carla can type it. Well, if you know Wilbur, this won’t go real smoothly.

A. As a writer in the CBA market, you choose to make your suspense novels about something deeper than just murder and mayhem. What do you hope readers will take away from your novels?

B.C. See Answer #2. For more of my thoughts on this, read the “Why Christian Suspense” page at my web site.

A. As an aspiring writer, I admire authors like yourself a great deal for the quality of their work. Did you have authors that inspired you when you were an aspiring author?

B.C. I read a lot as I learned to write fiction. My learning in this craft was split about 50/50 between reading and writing. I’d read novels with pen in hand, marking what worked for me and what didn’t. I learned great POV from Richard North Patterson, an NYT bestselling suspense novelist who lives in San Francisco. Ric ended up endorsing my first published book—a true crime titled A Question of Innocence. For characterization, I read every one of Anne Rivers Siddons’ books. Now, for sheer word genius and just to see what he’s up to next, I never miss a Dean Koontz novel.

Thanks so much, Brandilyn, for letting me interrupt your busy schedule. Congratulations on another fantastic book!

If you haven't gotten your hands on a copy of Coral Moon yet, then what are you waiting for? Go get it.


Don't forget to enter to win a copy of Scimitar's Edge by Marvin Olasky. Click on the picture on the right to email me your entry. This contest is open to US and Canadian residents only and ends Sunday, April 15, 2007 at midnight.

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CFBA: Coral Moon by Brandilyn Collins

Song Stuck on the Brain: I'm Not Who I Was by Brandon Heath

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is introducing CORAL MOON (Zondervan, April 27, 2007) by Brandilyn Collins.

The figure remained still as stone. Leslie couldn't even detect a breath.

Spider fingers teased the back of her neck.

Leslie's feet rooted to the pavement. She dropped her gaze to the driveway, seeking...what? Spatters of blood? Footprints? She saw nothing. Honed through her recent coverage of crime scene evidence, the testimony as last month's trial, the reporter in Leslie spewed warnings: Notice everything, touch nothing...

Leslie Brymes hurries out to her car on a typical workday morning...and discovers a dead body inside.

Why was the corpse left for her to find? And what is the meaning of the message pinned to its chest?

In Coral Moon, the senseless murder of a beloved Kanner Lake citizen spirals the small Idaho town into a terrifying glimpse of spiritual forces beyond our world. What appears true seems impossible.


And as Brandilyn would say...

Presently this Kanner Lake Series of books has its own character blog called Scenes and Beans. Stop by and visit the folks from Kanner Lake!


Brandilyn Collins is the bestselling author of Violet Dawn, Web Of Lies, Dead of Night, Stain of Guilt, Brink of Death, and Eyes of Elisha just to name a few.

Brandilyn and her family divide their time between the California Bay Area and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.She also maintains an informative blog called Forensics and Faith where she daily dispenses wisdom on writing, life, and the Christian book industry.
My Take:
I was so psyched to see this book listed for review. If you read this blog regularly, you know that I'm a huge fan of Brandilyn's work. I aspire to send chills down my readers spines as easily as she does. One day, I'll get there and maybe Brandilyn will be reviewing my book. (Be still my heart, I think I'd die of nerves.) But until that day, I'll settle for turning every reader out there onto one of the best writers in the CBA market. Heck, probably ABA too.
Violet Dawn was such a great read, that I couldn't wait to come back and read more about the Kanner Lake community. The characters were so well drawn, that they seemed to jump right off the page. I felt like I recognized people from my own community, sitting right there in the Java Joint.
I haven't had a chance to finish reading Coral Moon yet. And that is torture in and of itself. It's killing me to sit at work with my boring accounting when I could be at home figuring out who's behind the murder. I'm sure that I will have it finished in no time at all though, so watch for my review in the next day or so.
Really though, why bother with waiting for a review when you know you're going to love it? Go buy it, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
Don't forget to enter the contest to win a free copy of Scimitar's Edge by Marvin Olasky. Click on the book cover on the right and email me your entry. This contest is open to US and Canadian residents only and ends Sunday, April 15, 2007 at midnight.

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More Stuff to Win

Congratulations, Karla C.!

Karla is the winner of The Seat Beside Me by Nancy Moser.

New Contsest:

This week's contest is for a free copy of Scimatar's Edge by Marvin Olasky. This book was featured on the FIRST blog tour in March.

SCIMITAR'S EDGE is the story of four unique Americans on a journey that takes them to a world of great beauty and great danger. Olasky uses his vast knowledge of the culture to pen a tale about the War on Terror that is so realistic it might have been taken from today's headlines.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Squeaky Clean and Laughing

Song Stuck on the Brain: I'm In the Lord's Army... "I may never march in the infantry, ride in the Calvary, shoot the artillery, I may never zoom o'er the enemy, but I'm in the Lord's army!" A co-worker was singing it. It's bad enough that she sang it and got it stuck on my brain (don't get me wrong, it's a great song... just not one I want to sing all day long), but eventually she started playing the kids CD that the recording was on. I felt like I was back in Bible school. Not so much a bad thing, but very odd for work.

I have a shower again - Yay! It looks so nice and I so enjoyed showering in my own bathroom again after nearly a week. I had hoped to paint this weekend, but the weatherman rained on my plans. After nearly freakishly warm days, I'm finally able to paint and they say we're going to have record lows and stay below freezing for days. We may even get some sleet and snow. What's up with that?! My trees are leafing, the grass is nearing cutting length and it may snow? So not cool.

What is cool however, is this really, really funny story about a Demonic Squirrel and Motorcyclist. I laughed so hard, Jack came to check on me. I think he thought I might be choking. I think Jack would agree, squirrels are not always the sweet little creatures they seem. Go read it, it's hysterical.

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Just for Fun:
This is actually pretty accurate and I do have green eyes.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

CFBA: In High Places by Tom Morrisey

Song Stuck on the Brain: The Farmer in the Dell .... Admit it. Your singing it now too. Mwa Ha Ha!

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is introducing IN HIGH PLACES (Bethany House March 1, 2007) by Tom Morrisey.


For Patrick Nolan, every climb tells a story. And now maybe it's his own …. He's right at the rim, staring over the cliff's knife edge and wondering how things went wrong so quickly.

It all started after arriving home from a weekend climbing trip with his father, Kevin. That's when word reached them. In a silent moment, they'd lost the person most important to them—her death raising unanswerable questions and dangerous doubts.

Launching a new life in a new town to escape their pain, son and father find themselves in danger of being torn apart forever. As his father seeks a route to solace on the dangerous high face of the rock, Patrick finds a path to hope with the unlikeliest of allies—a pastor's daughter. Together they must discover the one answer that can bring Patrick and Kevin back from the brink of the precipice.


"It is rare to find a 'man's man' who knows the human heart, much less one who can write with such a well-balanced combination of sensitivity and adrenaline-charged adventure."—Athol Dickson, Christy-Award-winning author of River Rising

"Beautifully exciting, haunting, and satisfying. Morrisey leaves you hanging by your fingertips."—Lisa Samson, award-winning author of The Church Ladies and Straight Up

"Tom Morrisey is a master wordsmith and an expert at weaving gripping stories. If I pick up a book with his name on it, I know I'm going for gold."—Angela Hunt, author of Uncharted


Tom Morrisey is the author of four previous novels and numerous short stories, a world-renowned adventure-travel writer whose work has appeared in Outside, Sport Diver (where he serves as Executive Editor) and other leading magazines.

He holds an MA in English Language and Literature from the University of Toledo and an MFA in Creative Writing from Bowling Green State University. He lives in Orlando, Florida.

*Don't forget to enter to win a free copy of The Seat Beside Me by Nancy Moser. Click on the book cover on the right to email your entry.

*This contest is open to US and Canadian residents only and ends Sunday, April 8, 2007 at midnight.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Larry boy ain't got nothin' on me...

Song Stuck on the Brain: I Fought the Law and Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate Cookie. Did you ever sing Sarasponda differently at campfire? We used to sing “Chocolate cookie, chocolate cookie, chocolate cookie, ret set set. / Chocolate cookie, chocolate cookie, chocolate cookie, ret set set. / An Oreo. / A chocolate Oreo. / A Chocolate cookie, ret set set / Ossay Possay O.”

Actually, today’s been one of those silly days where all of us in the office were throwing oddball songs around at each other. I think in a matter of only 10 minutes we went through, “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child, I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart, Father Abraham, If You’re Happy and You Know It, and Chocolate Cookie. There may have been others, it was a crazy time. Songs flying left and right, zinging around the office with the greatest of ease. If there were more, they’ve simply slipped my mind. Don’t worry, with my LF Syndrome, they will return. Probably at the most inopportune time.

I have a hole in my bathroom. Actually, it’s not so much a hole as a lack of shower. I’m finally getting a new one. YAY!!!

The hot water faucet was broken when I moved in and so were the drain stopper and the handle that turned the shower head on. It was permanently set to shower, no tub faucet. Gradually the hot water faucet has become more and more finicky, until it only works with great effort and ingenuity. In addition, the shower walls were never sealed properly and the yucky black stuff was overtaking the shower.

My landlady agreed to fix the whole thing. Which meant ripping it all out and replacing it. So, come Thursday, I’ll have a brand new tub and shower that WORK! You have no idea how flipping excited I am about this. After 2 ½ years, I won’t have to be a contortionist in the shower when I try to turn off the hot water faucet while also avoiding rogue blasts of scalding or freezing water. Trust me, there’s only so much room in a shower and they weren’t made for AVOIDING the water spray.

I've been taking my dog Jack to my parent's house during the day so they can remodel without worrying about him getting loose or in the way. It feels so odd. Like I'm taking my kid to Nana's house for babysitting. He is so excited in the morning to get to leave with me. He recognizes the word's Nana and Papa. All I have to do is say Nana's house and he's bouncing all over the place. They spoil him, just like they do the grandkids. Why wouldn't he love it at Nana's?

Once the remodel is done, I’ll still have to paint. I’ve already chosen the wall color. I’ve also selected some photos taken by Lindz when she was in Italy. I’m having them redone in sepia tone. These are the two pictures I’m using:

It will feel so nice to have the bath all done and decorated completely.

Tonight’s Idol, don’t forget to vote for your favorite.

Enter the contest to win a free copy of The Seat Beside Me by Nancy Moser.
Click the book cover on the right to email me your entry. The contest is open to US and Canadian Residents only and will end Sunday, April 8, 2007 at midnight.


Monday, April 02, 2007

New Contest and Recent Winner

Congratulations, Karen B.!

Karen is the winner of The Assignment by Mark Andrew Olsen.

NEW Contest!

Win a Free copy of the Seat Beside Me by Nancy Moser.

That strange, snoring, legroom-invading person next to you on the airplane -- have you ever imagined owing your life to him? Nancy Moser tells the gripping story of five passengers and their seatmates who get casually acquainted -- then plunge headlong into an icy river in a sudden plane crash. The moments that follow are more intense than any they have ever lived, changing the way the passengers see God and the meaning of life itself. This book reveals the eternal impact a brief interaction can have and the drastic measures it takes for some to reexamine their souls.

I've heard nothing but good things about this book. Click the cover at the top of the side bar and email me your entry.

This contest is open to US and Canadian residents only and will end Sunday, April 8, 2007 at midnight.

Good Luck!