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WINNERS of Dreams of My Heart by Barbara J. Scott Giveaway

Thank you all for participating in Mountain Brook Ink's "Romantic Reads Blog Tour." I hope you enjoyed meeting all the authors and discovering new books like Dreams of My Heart by Barbara J. Scott.
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Steve Weber

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Dreams of My Heart by Barbara J. Scott-GIVEAWAY

Song Stuck on the Brain: Trust and Obey. I've been teaching it to my 22-month-old nephew as we learn what it means to obey - and disobey. Time-outs have happened, but overall he's really good. :)

What a great new series! I've always been drawn to stories about marriage to a stranger - Mail-order brides, arranged marriages, marriages of necessity. I find the journey to love in these stores are more intense because the couple has more to lose. Especially in a period story, the option to walk away is less likely forcing them to face their issues and learn to struggle together.

In Dreams of My Heart, Kate and Buck find themselves in just such a position. Their personal histories complicate matters further, but I found their journey touching and inspiring. Historicals like this keep the genre alive and viable.


Can A Reluctant Bride and Her New Husband Fall in Love Despite Their Wounded Hearts?
Plucky Irish immigrant Kate O’Brien struggles to hang on to her brother’s homestead after his death in a suspicious cattle stampede. If she’s unable to pay off the loan that paid for her ticket to America, she will be forced to marry the banker’s rogue son, Rafe Hamilton.
When Kate is attacked by a drunken gang, salvation comes in the form of a total stranger—Texas cattleman Buck McKean. He drives the men off her ranch and spends the night in her cabin to keep her safe. However, his act of kindness poses a profound threat to her reputation, and the two marry to prevent the impending consequences.
Kate makes it clear to her new husband that because of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepfather, she’ll never allow another man to control her life. Left at the altar in Virginia City, Buck has made his own vow never to give his heart to another woman.
When Kate asks Buck for the unthinkable, her choice endangers both their lives.
Can God mend their hearts and save their love?


Barbara J. Scott: After more than twenty years spent acquiring and editing books by numerous bestselling Christian authors, Barbara Scott has returned to her true love—writing—with this first novel in the Reluctant Brides series. Barbara and her husband Mike live in the Nashville area, where sweet tea is a food staple, with their two Chihuahuas, Riley and Sissy, both rescued from puppy mills. Reading, writing, and research are her passions.

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February #TwitterTales - My Hero in Justice

Are you a Twitter lover? It's a question that usually sparks quite the debate. Recently I've joined with my fellow Solstice Publishing authors to explore a fun trend-Flash Fiction.

What a challenge it is too! Each month an image is chosen and we all write our own independent story centered on the image. What makes it so hard? Writing the story in only 8 Twitter posts with a maximum of  280 characters for each post. That's not a lot of words peeps! LOL

It was fun, though, and I'm looking forward to the next month's story. You can follow mine (and the others too) by going to Twitter and searching #TwitterTales. You'll find mine at @aprilerwin.

Now that February is over, I thought I'd share the full story here for your convenience. Be sure to watch for more Flash Fiction next month.

My Hero in Justice
April Erwin

“Justice Fire Department. Call out!” His voice cuts through the smoke like a lifeline.
“Here.” My voice cracks & my lungs burn. Eyes streaming, I search the dim haze for my rescuer. A gloved hand reaches out.  I lunge, gripping it with what strength I have left. I feel his arms go around me. My body lifts and I feel weightless in his arms. My vision tunnels as I hear him whisper, “You’re safe. I’ve got you.” I sigh in sweet relief.  
The cool air outside fills my starving lungs. I gasp, sucking it down. Settling me on a gurney, he steps back as an EMT straps on oxygen & checks vitals.
The flames engulfing my apartment hiss as timber groans under the onslaught of water.
He's removed his gear & Nomex hood now, revealing a strong jaw covered in dark stubble. Mahogany hair, damp with sweat, plasters his forehead. Gray eyes pierce mine. My stomach quivers & goosebumps run over my skin. I should have known it would be him
I want to crawl beneath his rough turnout coat and hug him for all I’m worth. To cling tight and never let go. “I was so scared, Jack.” I pull the mask down to whisper. “I thought I’d burn alive–that I would never see you again.”
Jack wipes the tears from my face and examines me from head to toe, ending with my left hand. He runs his thumb across the diamond before lifting my hand to his lips. Pressing a kiss to my palm he smiles.  “I’ll walk through fire every day to keep you safe. You aren’t getting rid of me that easily.”
I chuckle and break into a coughing fit. He slips the oxygen mask back in place and wraps his arms around me, pulling me close. My fireman, my fiancé, my hero.