Friday, September 15, 2006

Little Hands - Big Hearts Part 2

“God Made Me Bumpy”

“Look, Nana.” gushed three-year-old Aaron. “I have bumps on my fingers.” Running his fingertips over his nails to feel the bumps and ridges, he said, “God made me bumpy!” He smiles and giggles as if it’s the greatest discovery in the world.

How like a child it is to find what we as adults would either ignore or obsess about, and in turn think it’s wonderful. I look at my fingernails and wish they looked nicer and didn’t break so easily. Aaron sees bumpy fingernails and can only think how wonderful God is to make them that way.

I’ve found that there are many instances just like this where the children I’m supposed to be training up, are actually teaching me. Who else can help me remember the child like joy of making chains of white clover, blowing dandelion puffs or the sheer magic of the ever elusive bubble? I have to say that I’ve never enjoyed being a kid more than I do right now as an adult.
Aaron, Hollie, Chloe and Alexis, names that may mean very little to the outside world, but mean all of the world to me. They are my teachers, the instigators of mischief and the adorable angels that sleep peacefully in the room next to mine. I’ve always wanted children, but I assumed it would come in the natural progression of things. I’d fall in love, get married, get pregnant and eventually have a house full of wonderfully, noisy children with a husband to help. Instead God looked into my future and saw that I needed practice first. So, without even a boyfriend on the side, God brought me a beautiful baby boy with red hair and blue eyes. At three months old I held him and knew he was part of my family. I’ve held plenty of babies, but never have I felt the connection with a child like I have with the ones God brought into my home. My parents and my sister felt the same way.

Aaron lived with us off and on while his mother got back on her feet. When Aaron was two his biological father introduced us to his current girlfriend who was also pregnant. Soon came Hollie. We started out just babysitting, but eventually Hollie and sometimes her mother took turns living with us. Not but about a year later Aaron’s mother gave birth to Chloe, and now we had three; each one completely unique and different, each one absolutely wonderful. The final addition came when Aaron was almost four and his mother gave birth to Alexis. Now with a house full, God continued to teach me.

That’s why I’m writing this down. It’s why I’m hoping you will read it. Children are a gift in every way. When I think of all the children who are homeless or, worse, aborted. My heart breaks. I know that the young mother’s of these children we’re helping to raise, struggled a great deal. They could have chosen the easy way out, but instead they chose life. I am so thankful that they did. I hope that as you read about the lessons I’ve learned, that you’re heart will also be touched.

I’m thankful that God has given me the opportunity to care for these children. Not only so I can be a blessing in their lives, but because I could never fully express how much they have blessed me.

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chubby-girl said...

That is so true. Kids just have a different view on things and THEY can teach US so much...if we only take the time to listen and learn. I'm guilty of not doing enough of that.

April Erwin said...

Me too. Ususally I don't catch the deeper meaning until later - after I've laughed at them. :) It's cool though. I think I've learned more about my personal relationship with God since the kids came along, than at any other time in my life. They're like little magnifying glasses sent to point out the important stuff. :)