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CFBA: Rebel by Linda Windsor

Song Stuck on the Brain: Lady Keith's Lament by Connie Dover

Because I'm in the mood to pull out all my Celtic music.

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is introducing:
David C. Cook; New edition (June 1, 2012)
Linda Windsor


WOW. Just WOW. That is the only word I can think of that sums up my whole review. Of course, one word isn't enough, so let me try again. :)

I was drawn to Rebel when I saw the title listed, but when I saw it was 3rd in a series, I had to read it's predecessors, Healer and Thief first. How did I miss these when they were released? I'm just glad I've found them now.

If you've followed my blog long enough, then you know I'm a huge Celtic history fan. Our family roots trace back to the Alexander 6th Laird of Drum, Irvine Clan born 1476 Aberdeenshire Scotland. I don't share that so much as a way to brag (okay, not TOO  much...) but to show how serious I am about my Celtic history. SO when I say Linda Windsor did an amazing job with her research, maybe you'll believe me.

It's not just the historically accurate dress or language. Or the politics between kings and the different tribes fighting over control of Scotland. That's all there in bigger than life, so real you can taste it, full technicolor glory. Most impressive is it's spiritual strength and message. She's not afraid to take on the darker issues like spiritual warfare, forgiveness on par with 70 times 7, and showing our human nature as the sinful creation we are. Then, she shines the hope and joy that comes from salvation in Jesus Christ like a bright beacon across it all. Winning pagans and weakened Christians alike back from their mistakes into the love Jesus offers. And it's not pat or neat or condescending.

These characters come to life as they fight to keep the truth of the Christian faith alive. The explanation of the original Celtic church and how it was founded is eye opening, especially for those who would be tempted into the new age craze that leads to worship of creation itself, rather than the Creator who made it all.

Fantastic series, I can't even begin to say who much I loved it. Romance, action, heart, loyalty, fierce battles and miracles that draw hearts to God. Amazing.

I'm going to go download her other Celtic series now.

With Merlin dead, the succession undecided, and the Celtic church on the defensive from Rome, intrigue sweeps the court of the High King Arthur. But it’s battlefield news that consumes Queen Gwenhyfar’s young scribe, Kella O’Toole: her fiancé is dead and her father gone missing.

Determined to find him at all costs, Kella defies the queen’s orders and sets out for Pictish territory. Her foster brother Alyn, a disillusioned priest who questions his calling, agrees to help her. The journey itself is perilous. But it’s their secrets that land Kella and Alyn in a viper’s nest of treachery that threatens both their lives and the future of Albion.

Can they summon the love and faith they need to find their way not only out of danger, but into happiness? Brilliantly researched, vividly imagined, and movingly written—a memorable climax to the Brides of Alba series.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Rebel, go HERE.


Linda Windsor makes her home at a restored and "growing" late 18th century home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Above the Windsor front door hangs a sign saying "Fort Necke, assigned 1684, established 1830," which means the land grant is older than the current building. She purposely left off the ageing brought on by the restoration to her mind and body - not enough space to accommodate the number. Chronologically, she admits to celebrating another birthday, just like the rest of us, each year on July 8th -- which also happens to be the anniversary of the day the Liberty Bell cracked.

Amid the often chaotic "country inn" atmosphere, Windsor has written quite a collection of historical and contemporary romances as both Linda Windsor and Linda Covington. Windsor's historical novels are known for her distinctive voice and flair for incorporating history with romance and adventure, while her contemporary romantic comedies are guaranteed to warm the heart, lift the spirit, and tickle the funny bone. Windsor insists that nothing is more entertaining than life itself, be it past or present.

With a degree in education from her local university, one of the greatest rewards to the innate teacher in Linda was hearing from readers that her Irish Gleannmara series was approved for some middle school English book reports as well as being used in home-schooling. To Windsor, entertaining, or keeping the pages turning, while educating is as much as any historical novelist can ask for.

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