Monday, November 12, 2012

Buy a Book and Help Salvation Army for Christmas

Song Stuck on the Brain: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Hey guys, Author KC Sprayberry just shared some awesome new with me:

"If you haven’t picked up your copy of Softly Say Goodbye yet, now might be a good time. I’m participating in a “Give Back” program on my publishers new imprint. We give 10% of all sales from November 11 through December 20, 2012. What I collect will go to the Salvation Army.

Christmas is just around the corner, and this is a very inexpensive gift. Also, the Salvation Army gives 90% of every dollar collected to their causes, which is why I’m supporting them. This is the PDF version, which can be emailed to the recipient!" - KC Sprayberry

How awesome is that? Christmas gift the book to yourself or buy it and email it as a gift to someone you love - and help out those struggling at the same time. Can't get better than that.

I reviewed Softly Say Goodbye recently, click HERE FOR MY REVIEW

Erin Sellers, an eighteen-year-old high school senior, hates teen drinking. She and her three friends – Bill, her guy, Shari and Jake – decide to use Twitter to stop a group, the Kewl Krew, from using their high school as the local bar. But the members of this group are just as determined to stop anyone from messing up their fun. Despite veiled threats to her safety, Erin continues her crusade.

To make matters worse for her, the stress of school and extra curricular work mounts and suddenly, shockingly, booze-fuelled tragedy strikes. Erin is now under greater pressure as she spends all hours to produce a mural and other work to commemorate the death of a teen friend. Bill, Jake and Shari support her in all this…

But more tragedy lurks nearby… until it’s time to softly say goodbye.


KC Sprayberry said...

One other thing! If you'd love an authorgraph (electronic autograph) sign on here and I'll send you one for your book!

April Erwin said...

Awesome idea, I signed up for an Authorgraph. :)