Monday, October 06, 2014

Happy Birthday MuseItUp Publishing - Enjoy a GIANT sale!

Muse It Up Publishing

this month they celebrate their 4th birthday!

Do you know what that means for us? 


WOO-HOO!! I'm psyched about this because they let me offer Dysfunction Junction at 80% off for the entire month of October. 

Yes. You read that right. 

I wanted a chance to say THANK YOU to all my friends and fans, and so did Muse It Up. This was a match made in heaven. I would say that definitely gives us an excuse to have a...

Here's your chance to buy a copy for your favorite people while it's on sale. Remember the Holidays and Christmas are just around the corner. You can also purchase this 80% off at That's just $1.19. Don't forget to let your book loving friends know too.

“I’m twenty-six and I’ve never been kissed.” Staring into the bathroom mirror while making this brilliant comment is supposed to make it feel real. It doesn’t. 

Finding true love these days feels impossible to Kianna Ravencamp. Only dysfunction surrounds her. Her sister is married to an abusive husband and marriages she has admired for years are falling apart. Maybe relationships like her parents’ don’t exist anymore. She dreams of true love and a family, but she’s never even been kissed. 

For her birthday, her best friend gives her a journal and dares her to follow her dream of songwriting and vocal lessons quickly follow. Kianna’s finally dared to dream big…if the three men in her life don’t get in her way. 

Nick Steele, her new vocal partner is flirtatious and charming. Derek Simpson, the new vocal coach is asking her out for coffee. Even Jason Payne, a childhood friend is acting odd. For the first time in her life, she will have to navigate dating and flirtation. Will her inexperience be her downfall? How will these relationships affect her songwriting career? Letting go and trusting God is the only answer that brings the path to real love and success.

 What others have to say:


This review is from: Dysfunction Junction (Kindle Edition)

Kianna Ravencamp loves her job-manager of a book store. For a time it allows her to don her Fairy Princess Hat and dive into reading tales of magic and love to her youngest customers.

This is a story rich with the kind of romance we don't always see, but its always been there. To find it requires reaching beyond the comforts we all must extend our hands, minds, and sometimes, bodies past in order to find the precipice to make the free-fall dive from.

It's also a story resplendent with the soul's affirmation of love and trust in one's God.

DYSFUNCTION JUNCTION is a recent P&E 2013 Readers Poll Award winner, and rightly so.

Therefore I can do nothing less than also award this book MY highest accolades...and that's FIVE STARS.

Well Done Ms. Erwin.

 A must read for Christian chic-lit fans., February 2, 2014
Sariah L. Frye (Independence, MO, US) 

This review is from: Dysfunction Junction (Kindle Edition)

Reading Kianna's story was like watching a TV show about my home town. April has perfectly captured what life can be like in Independence, MO. From the problems her characters face to the details about every day life, I was amazed at how real the story felt. I could see her characters so vividly and felt what they were feeling so strongly that I caught myself laughing at loud at times and at others crying for their pain. Kianna's struggles include dealing with well meaning church people who don't know how to mind their own business to personal insecurities about her size, talents and self worth to domestic violence in her own family. Her journey is full of stumbling blocks and obstacles, some that she overcomes and some that set her back, but she never quits and in the end, her faith in God helps her remain strong and see the path she should take.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about the every day struggle of living your life to honor God's glory. I look forward to the next installment of the Dream Big series.

Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Dysfunction Junction (Kindle Edition)

Once again April Erwin has done it again with a thoroughly engaging read with characters so enjoyable and realistic that they draw you in,making you sad when you are finished and making you greatly anticipate her next book!

Kianna Ravencamp is 26 and has never been kissed.Although she yearns to find someone to love and be loved by, she is surrounded by dysfunctional and failed marriages, making her wonder if the marriage her parent's have is something that is obsolete. When Kianna is given a journal for her birthday and is encouraged by her friend to dream big and fulfill her lifelong dream of taking voice lessons and make a recording she does not imagine it will change her life so drastically. Now Kianna goes from being 26 and never kissed to have 3 guys interested in her.What is she to make of her handsome singing partner Nick's flirtatious attitude, her vocal coach interest in her or her dear friend childhood friend Jason acting odd around her? Whatever is going on in Kianna life she quickly finds that God is taking her in paths she did not imagine and He has a plan for her life.

I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good Christian book with wonderful characters who you can relate to and a great content that really causes you to reflect on God's workings in your own life.

THANK YOU! You all are amazing and I'm so happy to have the support and love that you give. God Bless! 

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