Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, Kianna Ravencamp!

Kianna Ravencamp is celebrating her birthday today! Hooray! Birthday's are kind of a big deal for Kianna, her 26th especially made her put life in perspective. 

Kianna is a character near and dear to my heart. I always find ways to identify with my characters (even the not so nice ones), it makes them come alive in my mind. For me, though, Kianna has become bigger than a character come to life. She's a friend and I often find myself wondering how she would think of feel about something. 

Does that make you laugh? At times it makes me laugh. In the beginning, when I first started writing Kee's story, I built her character loosely on my own experiences. As time went by and her story grew, Kianna took on a new life, becoming her own person. Sure, Kee and I share common interests and ideals, but she's so much more now than paper and ink. I don't see her as me in costume. She's Kianna - aspiring songwriter reaching for dreams, success and love. Her knees may be knocking, but faith in Jesus grants her courage to be bold. 

If anything, she's sometimes the me I wish I could be. Then I remember the mistakes Kianna sometimes makes and I realize that as silly as it sounds, she's "human" too. Each of us reaching for our own dreams, our own success and our own experiences in love and family. Really, she and I have one inescapable, undoubted thing that we share completely - our love and trust in Jesus. 

So real or not, Happy Birthday, Kianna, my friend. Thanks for letting me share your story. I look forward to sharing more. (yes....that is a hint. )

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