Monday, September 21, 2015

Book of Mormon Day Scripture posters

I created several posters recently to share with others and these feature two of my favorite scripture verses from the Book of Mormon. I thought I'd share them here for others to read and enjoy. :)

This verse emphasizes how equal we all are in God's eyes. It doesn't matter our status, wealth or lack thereof. We are all nothing without Jesus, we're all beggars for mercy and forgiveness at his feet. 

I love the promise God gives us here, that when we do all these things it puts us at one with Him and that allows us to see His bigger plan. It's a promise for everyone. God is equally inviting us to become so in sync with him that our eyes are opened to see the mysteries around us, and then the opportunity to share with others. Awesome!

To read the Book of Mormon online, click HERE.

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