Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Dragon Day

Song Stuck on the Brain: Little Sparrow by David Cook

Although, I suppose it should be something like "Puff the Magic Dragon", since today is Appreciate A Dragon Day (AADD).

I love fun holidays like this. Is it a real holiday, you ask?

Absolutely. AADD was started by Author Donita K. Paul, one of my fav authors. If you haven't read her DragonSpell series, drop everything and go get them now. You won't be sorry.

Donita started the holiday to help promote her books AND promote Literacy. A very worthwhile effort. So, today I'm listing my top 5 ways of celebrating Apreciate A Dragon Day.

5. Watch Eragon or Dragonheart or another great dragon movie. (Or, better yet, use your camcorder to film your own movie using toys, paper cities and a lighter.)

4. Fight Dragon Breath! Buy packs of TicTacs and pass them out to friends and strangers alike.

3. Sing Puff The Magic Dragon at the top of your lungs repeatedly until everyone sings along. (You might consider body armor before beginning.)

2. Pile all of your jewelry, spare change and other valuables in your basement floor and curl up on top for a nap.

1. Read Donita's series. It's the best way to celebrate, and much more comfortable. :)

I want to hear your ideas. Be sure and leave me suggestions.


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Donita K. Paul said...

Thank you, April, for getting on the bandwagon. We celebrated today. I blogged about it over on my website under Mrs. Paul, Blogs, Dragon Bloggin' I even posted pictures. It is fun to see libraries and such that have joined the excitement.