Monday, May 25, 2009

Honoring those who serve

In honor of Memorial Day

and our family's own fallen veteran

SMSgt. Leonard Alvin Denney, Sr.

He entered into the military in 1945. He went to Japan in `45 for Occupation Duty, and in October `48, he was transferred to Germany for duty on the Berlin Airlift. He was also involved in a classified asignment where he installed a complex technical spy electronics system in Northern Europe, in which he received clearance to talk about freely approximately 40 years later. Leonard retired from the Air Force on July 31, 1966, then worked for the Air force in a civilian capacity. He retired from the Civil Service in 1983. Other early civilian jobs included maintenance work at the school and tribal center. He was stationed in Neach Bay in March 1949.

Thank You to all that help preserver our Freedom


KC Sprayberry said...

As a vet, I can't say thanks enough for honoring us today. Sure seems like folks want us to disappear or apologize for what we did. You made me feel like my service counted.

April Erwin said...

That's because your service did count. I don't care where we all stand on political lines, or whether we agree with the President or not, or if we even agree on the war itself. The bottom line is there are men and women who serve their country proudly and honorably and they deserve thanks and credit. I hate to see our military troops treated badly because someone disagrees with a beaurocrat. I'm quite proud of our military, you're all heroes to me.