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Kregel: Death Be Not Proud by C.F.Dunn

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Today I'm touring on behalf of Kregel Publications:

The Secret of the Journal #2
It's finally here! I've been waiting on pins and needles for Professor Emma D'Eresby to return with her journal. Just last September, I reviewed Mortal Fire, the first in the series. If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for?!? Hurry up, go read it.... Okay, now that you're ready for book two, here goes.
Emma is in London healing from her attack and struggling with knowing what is really going on with Matthew. She's recovering from what I would call PTSD like symptoms and just plain heartbreak. But the opportunity also arises for her to finally research the journal, and the answers she's been looking for with Matthew are surprisingly attached to what she finds inside. The story may seem old, but it's more present than expected. 
It's so tempting to give it all away! What I'd love to do, is sit down with a cup of coffee and examine all the Ins and outs of the plot with you, but I can't bear to give away any of the great little surprises. It's what makes it so much fun to read. I called this an intellectual's spin on Twilight the first time around with all respect for both author's. I still stand by that, but it is a very distant comparison. This time around the story does center more around Emma and her personal state and the decisions she needs to make, but it also brings so many of the answers we were searching for in Mortal Fire. Kudos to the author for not dragging that out too long. :)  And although the end does leave you with a hefty amount of "I want to know more-itis", it wraps up in a very satisfactory way.
Believe me, it's a can't-put-the-book-down-until-four-am kind of read. Can't wait for book three.
Following the vicious attack by a psychotic colleague, and reeling from the suspicion that Matthew Lynes is not all that he seems, Professor Emma D'Eresby flees her college teaching position in Maine to her hometown in England--taking the mysterious seventeenth--century journal she stole from the college's archives with her.

Broken physically and emotionally, Emma drifts until, fearing for their daughter's sanity, her parents invite a family friend to assess her. In the course of their conversation, Emma discovers that he spoke to Matthew over thirty years before.

This finally spurs her into action and soon, when she finds what certainly must be a reference to Matthew in the journal, she begins to understand Matthew's profound secret.

But when Matthew arrives to confess his love for her, she must decide if she can trust him--and he must decide if he can share his extraordinary secret with her. Drawn by a deep connection that both feel but don't quite understand they find they must set aside their doubts and trust each other.

Readers will be thrilled by the second installment in The Secret of the Journal from British author C. F. Dunn. Mixing suspense, romance, and the supernatural, Death Be Not Proud explores the profound moral implications of a life seemingly invulnerable to time.
C. F. Dunn creates romantic thrillers with a historical twist, drawing on a degree in history and a career in literacy development. She is blessed with a historian husband, two creative daughters and a quirky Corgi called Stig and she divides her time between running her specialist school for dyslexia and autism in Kent, and writing in Cornwall. Visit the author at her site:, and on Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook.

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