Tuesday, April 22, 2014

National Princess Week day 3

Song Stuck on the Brain: Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman

Welcome back to #NationalPrincessWeek! A week for us to celebrate the little girl (or not so little girl) in all of us that at some point dreamed of being royalty and finding her Prince Charming.
 photo Curly-Locks.jpg photo cinderella.jpgMy all-time favorite princess story is Cinderella. I watch the Disney movie and I have a lot of Cinderella books too, but when Kianna showed this one to me at the bookstore. I got tingly all over and couldn’t help but touch the pictures! The story is a little different from the movie, but I don’t care. The book is BEAUTIFUL! It even has sparkles in the cover, cool, huh? Cinderella by Ruth Sanderson is so pretty you won’t want to put it down.

“Sweet Cinderella is forced to spend her days waiting on her cruel stepsisters and stepmother, almost forgetting that she, too, was once a fine young lady with handsome clothes and a soft bed to sleep in. But when Cinderella is left at home on the night of the Prince's ball, her fairy godmother turns pumpkin into coach, mice into horses, lizards into footmen, and Cinderella's rags into a beautiful ball gown. At the ball Cinderella secretly captures the heart of the Prince, but it is not until he finds the true owner of the delicate glass slipper that the two can live happily ever after.

Although she is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters, a kind-hearted young woman manages to attend the palace ball with the help of her fairy godmother.”

 photo Cherry-Locks.jpgYou know, not every good princess story has to be a fairy tale - or even set on earth for that matter. One of the best princess series to read is the Firebird Trilogy by Kathy Tyers. I’ve read the trilogy more times than I can count and I never grow tired of it. When the new annotated e-book released along with 2 new sequels, I shattered my neighbors eardrums with my squealing!  They’re worth every minute invested if you enjoy SciFi.


 photo firebird.jpgLady Firebird was born a princess of the royal family of Naetai. Because of her birthplace in the family, however, her life is expendable. Honorable suicide is the highest calling she could hope to attain. When she is chosen to lead an attack on the neighboring planet of VeeRon her death is expected. She is taken prisoner during the battle and is held by the enemy.

With her own people seeking her sacrifice, Firebird must choose between two worlds before she can carve out her new destiny. This is the story of Princess Firebird's personal spiritual battle and the eternal consequences it has not only for herself but for everyone around her and especially the man who loves her.

Fusion Fire

 photo fusionfire.jpg A NEW LIFE FOR LADY FIREBIRD

Lady Firebird didn’t fully understand her former enemy, the Sentinel Brennen Caldwell. That might take a lifetime. But she knew enough, loved enough, to embrace his mysteries--and his certainty--and to step out on the frightening path of pair bonding.

Exiled from her royal heritage, she had escaped the terrible fate of her birth as an expendable wastling. She fought heroically to save her adopted world from destruction. Bonded to Brennen, though, she finds herself the unexpected bearer of an ancient messianic prophecy.

While her royal family seeks to seal her doom, Firebird and Brennan face two implacable enemies--one from his past...and one from deep in her soul.

A Compelling Story of Honor and Adventure, Chronicling the Life of an Extraordinary Woman and Her Heroic Fight to Save a World in Peril.

Crown of Fire

 photo crownoffire.jpgLady Firebird Angelo Caldwell has been sentenced to death "in absentia" for treason, sedition, and heresy. The last thing she expects is a summons to return home and be confirmed as an heiress of her royal house. But merciless foes are destroying entire cities of the Federate worlds. These renegades are trying to wipe out the messianic Caldwell bloodline, and they have almost eradicated the royal Angelos. To help trap an assassin, Firebird agrees to wear the heiress’s tiara for one day of perilous pageantry.

Still, Firebird’s deadliest enemy—the one that can destroy or bereave her—isn't that renegade assassin. Neither is it the despotic regent who hopes to seize the Angelos' throne, nor even the threat of dying in a desperate military strike at the renegades’ world.

 photo annotated_firebird_lg.jpgUnless she can bring her own pride to heel, everything she cherishes will be lost.

Firebird: Trilogy
In a single volume with newly created maps and annotations, here are the first three volumes of the beloved Firebird series.

Wind and Shadow

 photo windandshadow.jpgThe desolate world Mikuhr is home to a once-proud people now on the verge of extinction. Conflict explodes when apprentice priest Kiel Caldwell arrives to investigate rumors of new spiritual revelation, but he is kidnapped by a demon possessed telepath who thinks he might be a predicted messiah. And when Kiel's loose-cannon military brother Kinnor arrives to investigate, a local leader with revenge on her mind threatens to bring down ruin on them all.

It's up to returning Mikuhran diplomat Wind Haworth to head off a conflict that could have spiritual, political and military consequences--but no one foresees the consequences of introducing the Mikuhran Wind Haworth to Federate military Sentinel Kinnor Caldwell.


 photo daystar_lg.jpgTimes have changed for the telepathic Sentinels in the realm of the Federate Whorl. Persecution sends these genetically altered people fleeing to their sanctuary world, but a shipboard disaster exposes High Commander Brennen Caldwell to fatal radiation. Medical student Meris Cariole ends up stranded, an unwelcome outsider, at a sanctuary she never meant to invade.

On another world, wrongfully imprisoned Sentinel Jorah Caldwell receives a supernatural visitor. For generations, the Sentinel kindred has anticipated Boh-Dabar, the prophesied Word to Come. The visitor hails Jorah as Boh-Dabar. Can he believe the news?

Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger arrives at the sanctuary world, also claiming to be Boh-Dabar. Brennen and Firebird Caldwell, Meris, and Jorah are caught in a tangle of interstellar incidents that threaten the Sentinel kindred’s very existence.

And no one—anywhere—has anticipated the events that will shake the interstellar Federacy.

In the “Firebird” alternate universe, humankind has gone to the stars. The messianic bloodline has been genetically altered, and instantaneous communication links the settled worlds. Still, God’s character has not changed, nor have his promises failed. Daystar brings the saga to a conclusion that rocks the galaxies.

I want to introduce you to Hope, another friend of Kianna’s. Hope is the inquisitive one whose personality embodies her name. She’s always ready with advice and always ready for a little mischief and adventure. Welcome, Hope, what do you have to share with us today?

Hey, Everyone! Oh my goodness, I found some really fun quizzes! I love personality tests, especially the silly ones that tell you what character from your favorite book you are, or what color you embody. (I’m Yellow by the way)

What color are you?

Since this is #NationalPrincessWeek, I had to share the latest princess quizzes with you. They’re a blast! Click on the picture to open the quiz and be sure to share your results in the comments below so we can all see how you did. J

Which Disney Princess are You?

Which Disney Prince Is Your True Love?
Which The Princess Bride Character Are You?
Queens and Princesses quiz
Someday My Prince Will Come quiz
Famous Royalty Quotes quiz
We’re not quite half way through the week and there is still SOOO much more to come! If you haven’t stopped by my Facebook page yet, be sure to check out the spotlight on Modern Day Princesses around the world. Being a princess is more than wearing pretty jewelry, now they have big aspirations. These girls are well educated and have careers of all kinds that benefit their community. Do you have a favorite princess? Tell me about it in the comments below!
And don’t forget to Enter to Win!

 photo NPWContestpic.jpg

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For her birthday, her best friend gives her a journal and dares her to follow her dream of songwriting and vocal lessons quickly follow. Kianna’s finally dared to dream big… if the three men in her life don’t get in her way.
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Unknown said...

As a princess lover, this is a great week to celebrate! Thanks, April- I didn't even know the day existed until yesterday!!

I love Rodgers and Hammerstein's CINDERELLA (most specifically the one where Lesley Ann Warren plays Cinderella).

April Erwin said...

I was quite excited when I learned about the week too, Mary. I Love Princesses. :) Leslie Ann Warren makes a great Cinderella and it's a nice switch from the traditonal Disney version we see most often. Even though I love the "Bippity-Boppity-Boo" as well. :)