Friday, November 14, 2008

What the Girls said

I know I've talked about my niece Allie (Alexis) before. She's the younges of "my" three and probably the most like me in personality. She's also the biggest High School Musical fan of all the nieces. She's very smitten with Zac Efron, and seriously, who could blame her? After seeing HSM3 (twice) I have to admit, he's maturing quite nicely. :)

Anyway, I've mentioned before how Allie is very possessive of Zac. Sunday afternoon she was hanging out with me and the rest of my family in the living room. We were discussing what they should get me for my birthday.

"There's only one thing I want for my birthday." I said as Allie wraps her arm around my neck and leans against me.

"A man." My oldest sister Judy replies, flipping through a catalog.

"Not just any man, though." I look at Angel. "I need a Clark Kent."

Angel's laughing and says "Tom Welling" at the same time.

Allie looks at me and says, "But you don't need Zac Efron!"

Everyone lost it. She has such a quick tongue. :)

Her sister Chloe can be quick with the comments too. I took her to see my old highschool's production of the Music Man. While we were waiting for it to begin, she commented on a cute boy (total goth/rock. I shudder at the fact she likes the bad boy.) When I pointed out a cute boy she said, "Nah, he's a 0-5. That boy (goth boy) is a 10 though! A few moments later she points to a chubby, freckled, curly head 10 year old and said, "he's a zero."

"That's not nice, Chloe." I scold her with the 'mom' look. "Everyone is attractive in their own way. You just have to look for it. You don't think I'm a zero do you?"

"NO. You're second only to my mom." Chloe insists passionately. "She's a two million. You're a ... a... One million, one hundred and... ninety-nine thousand um, ninety-nine? Yeah!"

She's sweet, not the best at math, but sweet nonetheless. Considering her mom is a svelte blonde with blue eyes and I'm the exact opposite. But good to know I'm loved. Now I've just got to be a better example to her in pointing out everyone's positives.

Kids, the things they say sometimes - but I love 'em anyway.


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