Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nana, where do they go?

Song Stuck on the Brain: Take Back the City by Snow Patrol

I suppose I should have a Hannah Montana song stuck on the Brain since I bought it this weekend too. I gave it to my niece Emily who is the biggest 'Hannah Matanna' (as she says) fan I've seen yet. While her mom and my other sister and I all went to take care of some chores, Emily stayed with Nana and listened to her new CD. (Nana wasn't all that excited by it, but Emily loved it.)

After the CD was done, they took it out and put it back in it's case. Emily turns to Nana and says, "Where do the people go when it's all over?"

"What do you mean?" Nana asks.

"When the music is done, where do the people go? Do they just freeze until you play it again?" She strikes a pose, hands in the air and freezes, eyes wide open.

"No." Nana says chuckling. "It's just a recording of their voices. They're not really in the CD Player. They recorded it a long time ago and you're just hearing their voices."

"Oh." Emily pauses, concentrating on the idea. "So when you watch tv and the show is over, where do those people go?"

Giving up, Nana replies. "They just go home."

Mom told me this story tonight and I couldn't help but crack up. Emily is six and in Kindergarten. She's not stupid, but sometimes I wonder if her blonde roots run a little deeper than some.

Of course I'm not blonde, and I have stories of my own, so what's my excuse right? :)

She's just to darn cute for her own good. I think she really liked the idea that 'Hannah Matanna' lived in her CD player and TV. I love this age when imagination is still so vivid and alive. I hate to see it fade as the kids get older. It's just so precious.

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