Thursday, September 02, 2010

New Author KC Sprayberry - Rediscovered Trust

Congratulations must go out to yet another writing pal who has hit the presses for the first time. KC Sprayberry's first novella, Rediscovered Trust, is being published by Vanilla Heart as part of their 2010 anthology Passionate Hearts.

"It's a romance, one of soul mates pulled apart by circumstance and coming back together. Interwoven through this story is a tale of judicial and prosecutorial misconduct in addition to law enforcement corruption." - KC Sprayberry

Wow, way to go, Kathi! The really exciting part is, we don't have to wait months to get our hands on a copy. Apparently Vanilla Heart is a very speedy publisher. The e-book is releasing on Labor Day and the print version will be available just a month after that. Whoo- Hoo! I know this has sent Kathi into a little bit of a tail spin - so much to do in so little time. However, if you know Kathi, you know not to worry too much. She's quite capable of juggling it all and looking cool as a cucumber in the process. In fact, hop on over to her blog OUT OF CONTROL CHARACTERS to hear her tell her own story and find out how you can get an autographed bookmark.

To get your hands on a copy of Passionate Hearts and read Rediscovered Trust, visit the Vanilla Heart site and order your copy.


KC Sprayberry said...

Oh, yes, I am scared. And excited. And still trying to write a press release. But I'll get it done in time to rush it to the local papers before they close for the holiday weekend. Well, rush to one and email the rest. Thanks, April. You set me back on center again.

April Erwin said...

So glad to be of help. :)