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CFBA: Lone Star Intrigue by Debra White Smith

Song Stuck on the Brain: Turn on Your Heartlight by Neil Diamond

My sister bought an adorable, red, dragon shaped humidifier that shoots mist from his eyebrows. She named him Dribble. He has a little green power light on his tummy and every time she sees it, she sings "Turn on Your Heartlight". Now I'm singing it too.

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is introducing:

Lone Star Intrigue
Avon Inspire (February 1, 2011)


Debra White Smith

♪ ♪ Loved it! ♪ ♪ Yes, I sang that. I enjoyed this one so much, I couldn't stop myself. Debra knows how to start a book off with a bang. Or in the case of the first story... an arrest. How could I not be hooked? Especially by Jack. He is so amazing, no wonder his neighbor was throwing herself at him. :)
Jack and Charli's relationship was addictive, you know they're meant to be together, but all their history and baggage keeps getting in the way. Murder attempts and embezzelment plots don't help. I loved the mix of suspense and humor, romance and faith. It made the book hard to put down.
Sonny's story was just as good. I love Sonny's character. He's not quite what you expect of a PI at first glance and that works in his favor. He's funny, loyal, determined and smart. That's a great mix. Debra writes great heroes. I'd recommend Lone Star Intrigue in a heart beat.


In the small town of Bullard, Texas, the Mansfield brothers seem to have everything in order . . . except for their love lives. Jack is the lonely police chief still pining after Charli, his college girlfriend. Younger brother Sonny keeps busy on the road as a private investigator, and a secret from his past prevents him from finding someone to settle down with. But all that is about to change...

Read the two stories...

In Texas Heat, Charli is wrongly accused of a terrible crime. Now Jack must arrest the one woman he's ever loved and risk everything to prove her innocence and save her life.

In Texas Pursuit, a single mother is a target of a relentless stalker—and Sonny finds himself both the only man who can protect her and the one who inadvertently leads danger back into her world.

Page-turning novels of romance and suspense, the Lone Star Intrigue series will give you faith in the power of love, and remind you that having faith in a God who redeems our mistakes is the greatest love story of all.
If you would like to read the first chapter of Lone Star Intrigue, go HERE.


Debra White Smith is a seasoned Christian author, speaker, and media personality who has been regularly publishing books for over a decade. In the last twelve years, she has accumulated over 50 books sales to her credit with over 1 million books in print. Her titles include such life-changing books as Romancing Your Husband, Romancing Your Wife, The Divine Romance: Developing Intimacy with God, the The Lonestar Intrigue fiction series, and The Jane Austen fiction series.

As a woman of God, Debra is committed to the highest standards of integrity and to spending hours a week being still before the Father, staying in tune with Him, and listening for His voice of direction in all she does. This commitment to romancing the Lord, coupled with her lifestyle of devouring, analyzing, and dissecting the Word of God has allowed God to bring about a miracle of deliverance and healing in Debra's spirit, mind, and soul. For you see, Debra holds a double Ph.D. from the toughest schools in the world. The first Ph.D. from the "School of Hard Knocks" and the second, from the "School of Very Hard Knocks." Aside from that, she holds an M.A. in English from the University of Texas.

Along with Debra's being voted a fiction-reader favorite several times, her book Romancing Your Husband was a finalist in the 2003 Gold Medallion Awards. And, her Austen Series novel First Impressions was a finalist in the 2005 Retailer's Choice Awards. Debra has been a popular media guest across the nation, including Fox TV, The 700 Club, ABC Radio, USA Radio Network, and Moody Broadcasting. Her favorite hobbies include fishing, bargain-hunting, and swimming with her family. Debra also vows she would walk 50 miles for a scoop of German Chocolate ice cream.

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