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Love Remains by Kaye Dacus

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Today I'm reviewing a new favorite author. Not necessarily a new author, she's been around for a while and has a fantastic list of publications, but I've discovered her writing recently and love her work. In fact, I think she may be a long lost sister. She's officially on my favorite author list. If you haven't heard the name yet, then it's about time you did.

Meet: Kaye Dacus.

Okay, so this isn't the first time I've mentioned her, but she deserves a whole lot more mentioning. I was introduced to Kaye's writing through her book Stand-In Groom, book one in the Brides of Bonnterre series. It was funny and relevant and addictive. I've been working my way through her catalog ever since. Most recent has been the Matchmakers series. I'm reviewing the first book in that series today and the sequel tomorrow.



One of the things I like most about Kaye's characters, is that they are real women. Women with hips and tummies and a dress size in a double digit. They aren't all the same, because let's face it, in real life even if you and I shared a dress size, we still wouldn't look the same or be built the same. Not every character is plus sized, but they are all real women. I also appreciate that these characters don't obsessively diet despite any personal image issues they may have. Their weight is not their main focus, but it's not glossed over either. Instead, they live normal lives with family and careers and hobbies and yes... ROMANCE. :)

In Love Remains, Dr. Zarah Mitchell is a real woman. A highly regarded historian working with the Middle Tennessee Historic Preservation Commission. Her father was verbally and emotionally abusive, but she found love and a home with her mother's parents when she was just 18. She found a new life and purpose. Now, 14 years later, the man she almost married is back in her life and bringing up all kinds of old heartache. Bobby Patterson is still in love with Zarah, but his job with the Tennessee Criminal Investigation Unit could get in the way of reconciliation when he has to take on a case where Zarah is a prime suspect. Bobby and Zarah learn a whole lot about themselves, their relationship with God and what the truth really is from 14 years ago.

It's an incredible story, fun and full of heart. The matchmaking grandmothers are a riot. My grandmas would have fit right in. Kaye's sense of humor and her honesty in story telling make this a definite book recommendation. And once you've read Love Remains, you'll be just as anxious for the sequel, The Art of Romance which I'm reviewing tomorrow.


Nashville native Bobby Patterson has just returned home after many years away to take a position with the Tennessee Criminal Investigations Unit. His new job: lead a task force investigating potential real estate fraud connected with the Middle Tennessee Historic Preservation Commission. Zarah Mitchell, who’s worked at the Commission for more than a decade, is about to face a piece of history that could ruin the life she’s built in Nashville: Bobby Patterson—her first love and the reason her father kicked her out fourteen years ago. When Bobby realizes Zarah is part of his investigation, he is tempted to use his grandmother’s not-so-subtle setups as a way to learn if Zarah is involved in the fraud. Zarah, at her grandmother’s suggestion, tries to put the pain from the past aside to see if any love remains between her and Bobby. But when she learns he’s been investigating her, will she be be able to forgive him a second time?


Humor, Hope, and Happily Ever Afters! Kaye Dacus is the author of humorous, hope-filled contemporary and historical romances with Barbour Publishing and Harvest House Publishers. She holds a Master of Arts in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, is a former Vice President of American Christian Fiction Writers, and currently serves as President of Middle Tennessee Christian Writers. Kaye lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and even though she writes romance novels, she is not afraid to admit that she’s never been kissed.

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