Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Get Your Motors Idoling

Song Stuck on the Brain: Smokey Mountain Rain by Ronnie Milsap

It's Idol time again, which means Predictions. Lots and lots of Predictions. I've not done too shabby over the last two years, so I'm going to give it to you again this year.

Last night the 12 guys performed. I was really excited too, because the auditions and Hollywood week led me to believe that there was a lot of potential among the men. After last night, I'm wondering. Song choices were mostly a mess and pitchiness was a consistent problem with a lot of them. However, there are some real keepers. So, in order of best performance to least is my list of who should make the final six guys.

Blake Lewis, 25 from Washington. He's the beatboxer. I wasn't sure about his voice, because we saw more of the beatboxing than the vocals previous to last night, but his rendition of Keene's song was fantastic. He has a great voice and his stage presence is smooth and natural. He could easily win this all - But I'm with holding predictions on the winner of it all until I hear the girls sing.

Phil Stacey, 29 from Florida. The baldy who missed his baby's birth. His song started a little rough last night, but when he hit the chorus he blew everyone away. If he can control it, he's got a great chance at the top 3 as well.

Chris Sligh, 28 from South Carolina. The funny one. I love his personality, he has a great sense of humor. His voice is just as surprising, it's not what I expected the first time I heard him, but wow, he's good.

Paul Kim, 25 from California. The barefoot one. Despite his many 'good luck' rituals, he has a really great voice and an easy presence on stage. His song choice wasn't spectacular last night, but he still has a voice worth hearing more of.

Sanjaya Malakar, 17 from Washington. The one that auditioned with his sister. What a sweetie, he was so disapointed that his sister didn't make it too. He's young, but his voice is great and he's got the look and personality. With a little more practice his stage presence will be there too. His song choice last night was not strong, it was rather boring, but he still has a great voice and I think he deserves the chance to prove himself.

Slot #6 was hard to choose. Honestly, the rest of the guys just weren't that strong last night. Sundance Head was so promising in his original audition, but he's bombed every performance since then. Rudy Cardenas was also very promising, but his voice just didn't do much for me last night. Brandon Rogers also has a great voice, and he sounded good last night - I just didn't like his song choice. Boring. So who to choose for slot number 6? I'm flipping a coin and saying Brandon Rogers, 28 from California. We'll see if he can spice things up a little more.

So there you have it the first of my Idol Predictions. What do you think? Do you have predictions of your own? I'd love to hear your opinions.



Amy R. said...

Blake's my favorite, then Chris. I don't really care for the others other than that one guy maybe it was Brandon? that had the crazy sexy eyes.

April Erwin said...

Crazy, sexy eyes. Hmmm. Not sure which one that is... Blake would definitely be my top choice from the guys, although I think Chris Sligh and Phil Stacy are really good too. However, after watching the girls perform last night, the guys are going to have to raise their game A LOT to be able to compete. The girls were amazing.