Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Is it Monday... Again?

Song Stuck on the Brain: Turn, Turn, Turn by The Byrds. This would be thanks to Stacy, the leader of our little on-line Bible study group. We've been discussing joy and the different ways to find Joy in your relationship with Jesus. Today she brought up the scripture in Ecclesiastes where it describes all the things that have a time and season. That of course triggered the song. At least I know all the lyrics to this one. :)

We've been snowed upon again. About five inches over a little ice. Not too bad this go round. I didn't get stuck on my way to work and I only fishtailed a couple of times. That's a good snow fall for us. It's a really pretty snow too. Fluffy, like mounds of potato flakes and powdered sugar. (Hmm, must be hungry - that's a lot of food references.)

I wanted to stay home today, but I couldn't bring myself to play hooky. I've been so not in the mood for work lately. At least not my paying job work. I swear I feel like I've been here a week already and it's only Tuesday. That does not bode well for the rest of the week.

What I'd really like to be doing is reading. I'm in the middle of Randy Ingermanson's Double Vision and I really want to go home and finish it. Then, I want to get to writing some more. I've been working on one project, Burning Justice, for a long time. I had intended to try and enter it in a couple of contests this year, but I just discovered that the first chapter is all wrong as the first chapter. I know what I need to write, but I'm suddenly feeling very burnt out on this story. I'm just too close to it right now. So, I've decided to set it aside for a little while and try to focus on something completely different.

There are several other projects to chose from. A Science Fiction series, a middle grade kids novel, and a Romance just to name a few. I think I'm going to start with the kids book though. It's shorter, I've never done a middle grade before and I really like the story. I have an outline, but nothing else. I've got to get rolling on it, before it drives me nuts. I'm going to add my WIP word counts to the side bar, maybe that will get me motivated. (Yeah, Right.)

Don't forget, today is the last day to enter the drawing to win an autographed copy of Abiding Darkness. Contest is open to US and Canadian residents only and ends tonight at midnight.

Good Luck!

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