Friday, December 07, 2007

Holiday news

Song Stuck on the Brain: Old Fashioned Love Song by Three Dog Night

I'm back... I feel like I've been running in circles lately. SO much to do. I put the Christmas decorations up finally. Everything is looking quite festive. I just have the lights to put up in the window still. I'm nearly done with my Christmas gift shopping, I'm never this far behind on gifts, so this has been quite a challenge.

If you want to get into the holiday mood, I have a blog you need to check out. A bunch of fabulous writers banded together to write a serialized holiday story. Go to Home By Christmas to read the first four installments, then go back everyday for a new chapter. If you like the story, let the authors know, it always feels good to know your work is appreciated.

For those of you who love the Narnia books, I just saw the new Narnia movie trailer. Looks like Prince Caspian will release in the US on May 16, 2008. It looks incredible, I can't wait to see it. For a sneak peak, watch the trailer.

I may not be able to see the new Narnia movie yet, but the holiday movies are filling up my DVR faster than I can watch them. Stay tuned, I'll be posting a 'What to Watch' list soon to help you get in the mood.
Right now, we're being threatened with an ice storm to top off the slush we got yesterday. Wherever you are, have a fantastic weekend and stay warm.



Donna Alice said...

You just reminded me that I need to start watching my Christmas list of DVD's and videos. All I've seen so far this year are the Grinch and Frosty.

I discovered a "new/old" movie last year--"Holiday AFfair" with Janet Leigh and Robert Mitchum. Nice older to go with my favorite, "Christmas in Connecticut."

April Erwin said...

I've not seen that one, but I am a Robert Mitchum fan. Such a classic hottie. :) I'll have to find that one to watch.