Friday, October 24, 2008

Go Wildcats!

Song Stuck on the Brain: All For One by Bryan Adams

I'm looking forward to a weekend of shrieking girls and cute boys.


You could have it too, just have your own High School Musical party!

My nieces, Allie especially, are HUGE HSM fans. They've been counting down the days to the release of HSM3. In honor of their fandom, I decided to have a HSM overnight. In just 1 hour, 4 girls (ages 6-12) will be joining Angel, my friend Amy and I. We're making mini pizzas, watching HSM 1 & 2, playing HSM Twister and more. Then tomorrow we're taking in the newest movie.

I have to admit, although I'm sure I'll be pooped tomorrow, I'm actually looking forward to it myself. I like HSM too, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I'll also admit to finding Zac Efron absolutely adorable, so there will be plenty of *sighs* tonight. :)

Enjoy your weekend, and Go Wildcats!


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