Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Song Stuck on the Brain: The Boys are Back from HSM3

I didn't forget the contest, but I've decided to let it run through the 31st. I'll post a new contest for November. SO all you interested in winning, here's your second chance.

Today we celebrated my co-worker Huey's 25,000 day alive. Sounds much cooler than celebrating your 69th birthday, doesn't it?

Somehow it seems younger too. Does that sound strange? I mean you say YEARS and you think OLD. But DAYS seems young, no matter how many there are. I kind of like the idea.

Tomorrow is my 11, 290th day. Maybe I'll throw a big party on my 12,000th day, give away something cool. :) Of course that's like 2 years from now, so let's hope I remember...

Of course minutes seems younger still. So currently I am 16,257,600 minutes old (give or take a few) I'd give you seconds but my calculator gave me the E. Guess days are easier to track anyway.


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