Monday, February 08, 2016

Romance Week Day 1 with Justice Fire Dept.'s Finest

Song Stuck on the Brain: Ain't No Mountain High Enough - blame Keegan for this one. 

Welcome to Romance Week hosted by the cast of Justice Burning and Dysfunction Junction! Every day this week different characters will be sharing their tips and ideas on how to have the sweetest and/or most romantic Valentine’s Day.

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Today, we welcome a set of brothers from Justice Burning, book 1 in the Heroes in Justice Series.  

Actor Dominic Purcell, my cast as Aidan McLeod
Hello everyone, I’m Aidan McLeod. I’m an Arson Investigator and I’m based in the same fire house as my brother, Fire Chief Keegan McLeod. My son Ash is also a firefighter, and my daughter Kindall is an EMT. It’s nice to have my family around me in tight situations, but it can also be intense.

So true Aidan. Hey guys, I’m Keegan and my girlfriend Emily is a Paramedic and Kindall’s partner. There are moments when I have to remind myself that as Fire Chief I have to let her do her job and not rush in and try to protect her at every turn.

You handle it admirably little brother. You and Emily have been together for a long time now. When are you going to finally pop the question?

Soon… I’m making plans and I want it to be a BIG moment.

You always want a big moment. Remember your first Valentine’s Day with Emily? I thought you were going to lose your mind you were so nervous.

Hey, she’s pretty amazing. I wanted her to know I recognized that.

And you didn’t think hiring the high school band to stand on her front lawn and play Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye while you sang to her in your turn out gear was a little too much?

Actor Joaquin Phoenix, my cast as Keegan McLeod
Hey, I meant every lyric. Plus, I went back and fixed the lawn. I had no idea when I was planning, that the lawn would be so wet and the grass would disappear faster than snow in June.

Did you learn your lesson for your second Valentine’s Day with Emily?

I learned to keep it indoors. Missouri weather isn’t suitable for my big ideas in February. Setting up a planetarium on my living room ceiling with glow in the dark stars might have taken forever, but the look on her face when she saw it was worth it.

What’s been your favorite Valentine’s Day with Emily? I know she’s managed to surprise you a few times as well.

She has. You know how we are, we love to tease and be competitive and she’s one upped me a few times, like the private cooking classes for couples and the private tour of Whiteman Air Force Base. But I think the best Valentine’s Day for me was this last year. We all went through a lot dealing with the arsonist you hunted and seeing our whole family involved put things in a different perspective for me.

What did you do that was so different last year?

I don’t know that it was what we did that was so different, but how we acknowledged each other and the time we had that was different. I know this is a little mushy, but it wasn’t the gifts or the really nice dinner we cooked together, it was being together and knowing she was the only person I wanted to be with. I knew Emily felt the same way. It made me realize that’s how I feel about her all the time, but our crazy schedules sometimes make that hard to show.

That makes remarkable sense little brother. I think you just found the source of the fire. I’ve experienced that feeling too. Not just with Erin when she was alive, but with my kids too. After Erin died, Valentine’s Day felt like a black hole, until one day Ember and Coal came home with their school made projects and it just hit me. I love them just as fiercely as I did Erin. They deserved that acknowledgment and time invested in them, too. All my kids were grieving just as I was, I found Valentine’s Day was an easy stepping stone back into the real world and showing them I was still with them.

Romance might be the focus for Valentine’s Day and even this week, but love comes in many varieties and the connection between parents, children, grandparents, cousins, and friends of all kinds deserves that attention too. Don’t forget to spread the love to everyone this Sunday.

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