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Romance Week Day 5: Petals and Purpose

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Welcome to Romance Week hosted by the cast of Justice Burning and Dysfunction Junction! Every day this week different characters will be sharing their tips and ideas on how to have the sweetest and/or most romantic Valentine’s Day.

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Today, we welcome Morgan Daryl from Justice Burning, book 1 in the Heroes in Justice Series and Hope Campbell from Dysfunction Junction, book 1 in the Dream Big Series

Drew Barrymore, my cast as
Hope Campbell
Hey, Morgan, thanks for hanging out with me today.
Guten tag, Hope, I'm glad to be here. Wow, you have a lot of flowers in here.
Aren't they pretty? I found this awesome book about how different flowers have a different meaning. Roses are beautiful, but girl, there are so many other ways to say I Love You with flowers!
That's really interesting. I've heard of a few, but never looked deeper.
My cast for Morgan Daryl
Don't you do handwriting analysis?
Yes, I have a degree in graphology, it was part of my schooling in Germany when I was at University. Why? Do you have a love note you want examined?
Oh, I wish! That could be very interesting! No, I just think that reading the meaning behind the flowers is kind of like reading between the lines, or in your case, between the script. 
I suppose in some ways it is. So do we read the flowers as representing the person sending them? Or, are the flowers a descriptor of the receiver?
Good question, Morgan. I think it can be both. Let's see if we can make up a few bouquets and see what we can come up with. I placed a descriptor tag in front of each flower, we just need to combine them. 
Alright, I want to create an arrangement for my mother. She's Gracious but Spirited. Sincere and Inspiring, Faithful and Caring and I Admire her a great deal. So that would be a combination of: 

Camelia - Graciousness
Freesia - Spirited
Hyacinth - Sincerity
Iris - Inspiring
Violet - Faithfulness
Pink Tulip - Caring
This would be a really beautiful arrangement, but for someone wanting something more simple, just choosing 1-2 of the flowers would be nice too.
Yes and including a handwritten note explaining your message would be nice for those who haven't studied the meanings. 
Right! How touching would it be to know someone cared enough to put this kind of meaning and thought into your gift?
So what about a romantic bouquet? What would you choose, Hope?
Ooo, so many choices! It would depend on where you are in your relationship and the kind of message you want to send. Red Roses for Passion is an obvious and popular choice. Timeless and will probably always be the most popular. But Anemone's are becoming popular and represent fragility and could be for new, fledgling romances. Yellow Chrysanthemums say secret admirer. Forget-Me-Nots are a sweet message to long time lovers that they will always be remembered. 
Red Roses - Passion
Anemone - Fragile

Yellow Chrysanthemum - Secret Admirer
Forget-Me-Not Remembered Forever

All of those are such sweet options, and it's so interesting that one flower can mean different things depending on the color. I chose pink tulips for Mom to represent caring, but Yellow Tulips represent being hopelessly in love.
Yellow Tulips - Hopelessly in Love

I love how there are so many ways to say someone is special. This has been so much fun. These yellow roses are for you, Morgan. I'm glad we've become friends.
How sweet! It has been fun and so wonderfully fragrant. I think these Zinnias are perfect for you. Happy Valentine's Day, Hope. 
Yellow Roses - Friendship

Zinnia - Friendship
Learn more about flower meanings HERE.

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