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Romance Week Day 6: Cast party!

Song Stuck on the Brain: Everything I Do I Do It For You - Bryan Adams

Welcome to the last day of Romance Week hosted by the cast of Justice Burning and Dysfunction Junction! Every day this week different characters have shared their tips and ideas on how to have the sweetest and/or most romantic Valentine’s Day. It's been so much fun sharing this sweet holiday with all of you.

Today the cast is back for one last minute tip to ensure that tomorrow is the best Valentine's Day it can be.

Aidan McLeod
Keegan McLeod
 Aidan: What a great week. Valentine's Day was a difficult holiday for me after losing my wife, but rediscovering it through the eyes of my kids has changed the way I feel. Romance is wonderful, but love should be celebrated  with everyone - family, friends and co-workers.

Keegan: I agree, and as I learned last year, the gifts are fun - but it's the time spent with the one you care about that makes the time special. Of course, on that note guys (yes, I'm talking to you guys at the station) this is NOT an excuse to avoid any kind of gift at all. Loving someone means knowing them as a person. Give them a gift that suits them personally. 
Rissa Fuller

Rissa: Good advice, Keegan. Girls, if the guys can be satisfied with gifts given from the heart, so can we. Of course chocolates and cards and jewelry are awesome. Sometimes those gifts are possible and sometimes they're not. We can all spend this holiday looking deeper at our relationships and acknowledging to the one we love that, "Yes, I see you. I know what you like. I care about you enough to put time and effort into you. You are my Valentine."

Alexa: That is beautifully put, Rissa.
Ember McLeod

Ember: Yes; and after your help Alexa, I think Dad, Ash, Kindall and Cole are in for a great Valentine's Day supper.

Ash: Yes, thanks for that, Alexa. I don't think we could have handled her special Valentine's Day Chocolate Bar Chili.

Alexa Fehr
Ember: Hey! Remember, it's the gifts given with love that are best for the heart.

Ash: That may be, little Sis', but its how your gift affects my stomach that I was more concerned with.

Alexa: LOL. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, Ash. Ember's culinary skills are growing. 
Kianna: If anyone can make an amazing Valentine's Dinner, it's Alexa. She can Cook! Her food makes me sing. Maybe even deserves a song written about it...

Alexa: Oh, please! Whatever. Your love songs are better focused elsewhere. By the way, you and Ash came up with an awesome Romance Day playlist. I loved the Power Ballads.

Kianna: We had fun finding all the songs.
Ash McLeod

Ash: We were up until after 1 a.m. and I had to force her to stop. I think she's still sneaking songs on the list.
Kianna Ravencamp

Kianna: I am, but I know you are too. Just own it.

Ash: Okay, I admit, I can't leave it alone either.

Alexa: I'm having the same problem with the Romantic Meals pinterest board. I keep finding new meal ideas to add!

Hope: You are such a Pin-head!

Morgan: I do not think that word means what you think it means...

Hope Campbell
Hope: LOL! I meant she's addicted to Pinterest. But I can see you're a Princess Bride fan.

Morgan: I am. Couldn't pass up that opportunity, you just left it wide open.

Kianna: She does that a lot, Morgan. It's one of the things we love about her.

Morgan Daryl
Hope: Good, if you love me so much, how about sending me a friendship bouquet to remind me.

Rissa: I'd send you zinnias any day, Hope.

Keegan: Would you like a zinnia bouquet, Aidan?

Aidan: Sure, baby brother. Go ahead and buy me flowers, just be sure Emily's bouquet is better.

Keegan: Not a problem. This year I ignored the guys taunts and got in touch with my inner romantic. Thanks to everyone here, Emily is going to be blown away. 

Kianna: Aww, that's sweet. I hope everyone here has an amazing day. LOVE to you all.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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