Monday, December 04, 2006

The End of an Era

Song Stuck on the Brain: Frosty the Snowman. Not one of my favorite Christmas tunes, but they're playing it to death on the radio, so I kind of can't help this one.

Well, it's late in the day, but technically still Monday, so I'm going to try to hurry and post this before it's technically Tuesday.

Today's blog is dedicated to Bear. The last of his line (that we know of).

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Bear as a puppy with my nephew.

Bear was brother to my baby Raquel, who died last year, and son of Angel's dog Max (also gone on to doggy heaven). Saturday Angel and I had to take him in to be put to sleep. He was over 15 years old and his health was such that he couldn't go on any more. Poor baby. Angel and I held him until he was gone, just like I did for Rocky last year.

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Raquel & Bear (on left) with the Pile-o-Pups.

It's sad to have him gone. We've certainly shed a lot of tears. I know we'll all miss him, especially Angel. But it's more than missing his goofy antics and eternally puppy-like attitude. He was the last of his family. After being a part of our family for so long, he's gone.

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L to R: Max, Bear and Raquel have family wrestling match.

I know that somewhere in heaven right now, Max, Raquel and Bear are reunited. Chasing each other all over and napping together like they used to.

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Bear and Rocky napping.

Bye-Bye, Bear. You were a good friend, ol' man. You are missed. Give Rocky a kiss for me.

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chubby-girl said...

Oh, poor Bear! Tell Angel I'm sorry to hear that!