Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ban House Slippers

Song Stuck on the Brain: I can do anything you can do, better. I can do anything better than you....

YAY! I'm a free woman once again. Well, kind of. The Doc took me off of the wound vac today, so no more machine and umbilical cord to tote around. I do have bandages still, but much less obvious and way more comfortable. PLUS, now I get to drive again. WAHOO!

It's not like I was stranded, my parents and sister were very good about getting me around for the last 5 weeks, but it feels SOOOO good to be able to drive my car again. I love that sense of freedom. The ability to go somewhere whenever I feel like it and not have to tell a soul. Even if I don't, at least I CAN.

I'm noticing a really disturbin trend at the doctor's lately. Maybe it's just because I'm going to clinic at the hospital rather than a private office, but what is it with women going to the doctor's office looking like they just rolled out of bed? Not just young girls either. One lady was forty if she was a day. I saw three women today alone wearing fluffy house slippers. In addition they were wearing either plaid pajama pants or sweats and a STAINED and HOLY shirt. Hair greasy and pulled back in messy pony tails and no makeup.

I know I'm at a gynecologist's office, so some are pregnant. I understand the value of comfort. But come on. At least get dressed and brush your hair. It's not like we're stuck in the '50's where you're required to wear a dress, pantyhose, gloves and hat to go get your exam. But at least wear clean street clothes, regular shoes and BRUSH your hair. I mean really. Respect yourself that much. And if you can't do it for you, do it for your doctor. Doesn't he deserve that much? He dresses and bathes for you.

Okay, off my soapbox now. I had to rant. I couldn't very well say all that in the waiting room today.


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Amy R. said...

Darn it! I was hoping I could slip in and out without you seeing me in my slippers and time, I'll share that fry I found in my hair while I was waiting too.