Monday, November 05, 2007

Third is better than fourth, right?

Song Stuck on the Brain: Once in a Lifetime by Keith Urban

Today has been a total Monday. I'm glad I'm still working half days.

I spent this afternoon pounding away on my book. I spent Sunday afternoon revising the last half of the outline, so now I think I'm ready for the final charge straight to the end. I need to manage about 6,000 words a day in order to reach my first self imposed deadline. I need time to revise and review a little before sending it off to the agent.

I had decent hope that she might really like the book, but today I received notice that I placed third out of the four finalists. Hey, it's not last place right? It has me wondering why she requested the full ms if I only placed third, but I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. As a writer, you can't ignore opportunity right? It doesn't knock regularly.

So, despite my lackluster finish in the contest, I'm going to continue killing myself and get this book done. If nothing else I'll have a finished book to work at rewriting. :)

It's funny how working on one book stirs up a ton of ideas for other projects. Today I decided I need to find out how to sabotage a car so that it creates an electrical fire while the driver is in route. The fire would then damage the electronic locks and trap her in her vehicle. I'm trying to decide who best to ask, without getting pegged as a psycho would be arsonist. :)

"I swear, officer! It's research for my book! What have I published? Um a sweet inspirational romance, but really I'm aiming for suspense in the next one."

Boy that could be an interesting conversation. Wait until I ask them about gun running... That's book three.

Got to go pound the keys elsewhere now.
Have a happy Monday,



Amy R. said...

Ape, ask your mechanic. Just explain that it's for a book and you are not a psycho. :)

Amy R. said...

Oh, and third is nothing to sneeze at!!! Congratulations!

Donna Alice said...

I joined a group on Yahoo called 'crimescenewriters.' You can ask weird questions like how long a body would last here or there, or how to blow something up and nobody thinks you're odd! It's a super resource.

Terrific on the book!! Hey, so you were third--she must have loved the part she read.