Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Agent update

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Sooo, I got a response back from the agent that had requested a full ms of my chick lit novel. I was flipping through my mail when I saw it. It was light, no more than one sheet, and I got the worst case of butterflies. One sheet can't be good, can it? Probably a form rejection, she thought it was terrible, I can't open this... Taking a deep breath, I set it aside and saved it for last. Then I reminded myself (and God) that I had put this whole thing in His hands and whatever the letter said, I'd accept it graciously. (Read: I'll only cry, whine and chocolate binge for ONE day.)

I opened the letter and read two very short sentences. Needs stronger hook. May resubmit. It was signed, Looking forward to hearing from you, AGENT. (No, I'm not telling you her name.)

Hmmm. It's not a rejection. I can work on a stronger hook, and if she's inviting me to resubmit, she must have liked something, right?

Wahoo!!! All my butterflies landed and I got busy thanking God. No, it's still not a guarantee of a contract, or a sale, or a bestseller. But it's a step forward on this path toward traditional publishing and I'll gladly take whatever encouragement I can find.

Next up is to rework the ms and try again. Encouraging words and prayers are welcome. :)


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Amy R. said...

That's good news! I'll be thinking of you!!!