Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chocolate addiction pays off big

Song Stuck on the Brain: I'll Stand By You by Carrie Underwood

Did anyone see the article on Yahoo! about the French stewardess that won a trip to space?

How cool would it be to spend 4 days in space camp? Better yet, blasting 60 miles into space for 5 minutes of weightlessness? I'd love to experience being weightless. (There are all kinds of jokes I could crack now, but I'll restrain myself...) :) I'm probably way too much of a wuss to make it through something as tough as space camp, and I doubt I have the brains either, but I've always wanted to go to space camp. I loved the 1986 movie Space Camp as a kid and was addicted to Rick North's Young Astronauts book series. Being an astronomer was one of my three career choices. It was either Doctor, Marine Biologist, or Astronomer. So what do I do for a living now? Accounting. With writing and Photography on the side. Hmmm. That's okay though, cuz I still enjoy learning about all the science, I just don't have to do the hard stuff that goes with it.


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