Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fairy Tales and More

Song Stuck on the Brain: Gray Squirrel, Gray Squirrel, swish your bushy tail....

I've been watching out my window and laughing at the squirrels in my yard all morning. They've been very playful.

I found something else quite cool while I was surfing the web. I'm a huge fan of kids fairy tale picture books. I love the artwork and collect a lot of them for the fun of looking at the art. I was browsing through, when I found a the book A Knock at the Door. It was originally a Internet video, but was such a huge success they created multiple products around it. I checked it out, and have to say, the art is AMAZING. I thought you all might enjoy it as well, so here's the link: A Knock at the Door.

If you do enjoy fairy tales, here's another fantastic idea: Go rent Penelope starring Christina Rici and James McAvoy. I watched it last night and fell in love with it. Really great story, and a strong message too. It made me feel so warm and fuzzy when it was over, and yet made me think a little more about how I perceive myself and others. Now there's a good combination!

Today, I'm off to spend more time writing, so wish me luck and lots of focus. Maybe I'll get something literary-ily worthwhile accomplished today. :)

Happy Wednesday!


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