Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One of Those Days...

Have you ever had 'One Of Those Days'? Of course you have, who hasn't?

Mine happened all in the evening. My day actually went pretty well, until I got home.
Usually, my sister Angel cooks dinner for us, but tonight, I volunteered. She'd spent a long day helping my other sister unpack, so I wanted to give her a break. I decided to cook the very yummy and fairly healthy Cedarlane Mediterannean Focaccia bread (it's stuffed with spinach and cheese) that we'd bought at the health food store. You plop the frozen stuffed crust on a stoneware cookie sheet and wait 20 minutes. Voile, dinner is served. I've cooked this plenty of times before.

So, I pull the focaccias out of the oven, quarter them with the pizza cutter and we start to eat. My first attempt at cutting a piece off with my fork, has the entire quarter zooming off the plate and landing in the floor. Angel laughs hysterically, I call the 5 second rule and check to be sure nothing is stuck to it. Gag if you want, but it looked okay, so it went back on the plate.

I decided the fork wasn't a good option since it seemed to be working better as a hi-speed dinner launcher, so opted for my fingers. I'm halfway in to the second quarter, when upon biting into the bread, a sudden burst of hot cheese and spinach burst out and run over my lip and chin. I almost drop my dinner, and in the process of hurriedly wiping off the cheese I burn two fingers. My lip is screaming and I'm feeling a possible blister rising. I run rinse it off with cold water and grab a bag of frozen peas. The rest of dinner is a rotation of 5 min of frozen peas to a quick bite of now cooled focaccia bread. After a very lengthy eating time, I finished and my lip is still killing me.

Then I remember, Tea Tree Oil is excellent for burns. I go grab a bottle and douse my entire lower lip and chin. It's beet red (but no blisters thank goodness) and swollen, but after a couple of minutes, the pain is easing. I go back to holding the bag of frozen peas to my face.

About halfway through the new 10 Things I Hate About You TV show, I adjust the bag and see that for some reason there's a bald spot on the back of the bag. It's like the ink just magically disappeared.

I look at Angel. "Do I have ink on my face?"

She looks at me and burst into laughter. "You have a blue goatee!"

Great. I go look in the mirror, and sure enough, hand me a sword and call me Bluebeard. It's like I've been chewing on a dozen ink pens and let them dribble down my chin. Apparently, Tea Tree Oil is also a really good solvent. Who knew?
Thankfully it all washed off with my Tea Tree face cleanser. I applied the oil two more times before bed, and praise God, this morning my lip is back to normal.

So, note to self, next time you burn your lip with lava hot cheese, use Tea Tree oil immediately and WRAP THE PEAS IN A DISH TOWEL!

Besides, blue just isn't my best color. :)


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