Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Never Ending Odd Round and Throw Back Thursday to Boot!

Song Stuck on the Brain: Weelll.... What isn't?!? Today my LF Syndrome is in high gear!

It's a common occurrence for me to get a random song stuck in my brain. Often I wake up with it running on repeat. This morning, I woke up singing the theme song from Popeye the Sailor Man. (Yep, I'm strong to the Finich, cuz I eats me spinach, I'm Popeye the Sailor man. TOOT TOOT!) It was the toot toot that really started to get annoying, but I just couldn't seem to shut it off.

Then around noon I started singing His Eye is on the Sparrow, a lovely gospel song. One of my favorites. So soon it was "...I'm Popeye the Sailor man. TOOT TOOT! Jesus is my portion, my constant friend is He, His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me... CUE LOOP AND REPEAT!!! *sigh*

Somewhere toward evening, the Sparrow song triggered a fav song written by Dolly Parton - Little Sparrow. You betcha! Now they're all three randomly looping through my brain! I've always loved Dolly's voice but when David Cook revised it I fell in love with his version too, so sometimes the song varies in my head depending on who I'm channeling the most at the moment.

It's certainly not my only crazy quirk, my dreams have been just as crazy lately. (I have some doozies you can check them out below.) Maybe there's something in the air?

So now that I've shared the craziness that is in my head, what about you? Do you every have this problem? What's been stuck in your noggin most recently?

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