Wednesday, August 20, 2014

National Prince Week Day 4 - Prince Felipe VI

#NationalPrinceWeek is going strong and today, Rissa Fuller from Dysfunction Junction is here today to host.

Rissa:  Hello everyone! Thanks for coming back. We're already half way through the week and it's my turn to bring the fun. I had fun scanning prince pics with the girls and even though Alexa chose her prince for his yummy good looks, I was drawn to something a little different. Being the only married gal-pal in the bunch a mom to boot, I find myself looking at things a little differently.

Spanish Crown Prince Felipe VI is my choice for the week. He's older than the princes listed before, but I still think he's rather good looking. Distinguished, debonair, but still kind. Part of his attraction lies in his family nature. I love seeing him with his wife and children. A good looking prince that adores his family and shows his dedication is at the top of my list. Very attractive.

I'm throwing a twist in for mid-week. I have a son, Ty Jr. that is too young to play Prince and Princess right now, but will soon be begging for swords and armor to fight dragons. If you have a young prince at home too, here are a few fun projects you can do to prep them for saving their favorite princess (or mom).

Easy Swords from Cardboard tubes and foil. Super Easy!

How to Make a Knight Shield out of Cardboard

For a more advanced option, try one of these: 

How to Make a Play Sword and Shield

How to Make a DuctTape Helmet

Thanks for stopping in, I hope you have fun with your little prince (or princess if that's the case). Tomorrow Hope Campbell will be sharing her favorite Hottie Prince and a lot of other fun and crazy stuff. It's Hope, what else can you expect? And don't forget to stop by Mary Waibel's blog, she's got a lot of Princely things going over there too that you don't want to miss.

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Unknown said...

Another great choice!

Wonder who tomorrow's blog will bring :-)

April Erwin said...

Hmmm... oh there are so many to choose from! :) lol